WotLK Gundrak Boost
  • ETA: 3 hours
  • Description: In the same team with our well versed boosters, you will complete Gundrak Dungeon Normal or Heroic, and defeating all bosses and completing all tasks, you will receive Heroic Gundrak Achievement and many useful WotLK items.
  • Rules: Normal mode: Character level 76+; Heroic mode: Character level 80; WoW account with WotLK expansion
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WotLK Gundrak Boost and complete Heroic Gundrak Dungeon so quickly

It’s time to travel to Gundrak, the capital of the ice troll Drakkari Empire in Zul'Drak. Constantly fighting back against the forces of the Scourge, the Drakkari tribe now feels their imminent demise approaching and are making desperate attempts to survive. Let's take a look at what's going on there! For this, Frostyboost offers you its Gundrak Boost. Join the most well versed Frostyboost players in the Gundrak Dungeon and deal with the raging bosses. You can choose to complete Gundrak Dungeon in Normal or Heroic mode. When playing in Normal mode, you can get 179 ilvl loot, and if you choose Heroic Gundrak Dungeon, you will get l 200 ilvl loot. Don't miss your chance to complete Heroic Gundrak Dungeon so quickly and efficiently! Together with Frostyboost, you will achieve victories over all 5 bosses, collect excellent loot for your toon, and many items that will be useful to you in the future WoW WotLK game. We are waiting only for you!


For the Gundrak Dungeon run in Normal mode: Character level 76+

For the Gundrak Dungeon run in heroic mode: Character level 80

WoW account with WotLK expansion

Service Progress

  1. To get started, please pay for WoW WotLK Gundrak Boost service.
  2. After receiving the payment, we will contact you and agree on the exact time to start providing the boost service.
  3. Having met at the agreed time, you, along with our PRO players, will be able to start Gundrak Dungeon run in normal or heroic mode of your choice.
  4. As soon as we all complete the Gundrak Dungeon and get the achievements you want, the boost service will be over.

Join Frostyboost for the effective Gundrak Dungeon run

Now is the time to complete Gundrak Dungeon and, accordingly, buy WoW WotLK Gundrak Boost provided by the Frostyboost team! This will allow you to quickly and, most importantly, effectively run this dungeon and emerge victorious from there. And it is with the best well versed Frostyboost boosters that you will achieve all this! Join us!

How long will it take us to complete the Gundrak Dungeon?

It will take us no more than 3 hours to complete this dungeon.

Where is the Gundrak Dungeon located?

Gundrak is located in Zul’Drak on the continent of Northrend.

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