WotLK Azjol-Nerub Boost
  • ETA: 2 hours
  • Description: A team of the finest players of the Frostyboost team will join your Azjol-Nerub Heroic Dungeon Run and together you will achieve victories over the dungeon bosses and get excellent loot.
  • Rules: Normal mode: Character level 67+; Heroic mode: Character level 80; Active WoW account with WotLK expansion
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WotLK Azjol-Nerub Boost and enjoy its progression and loot

Azjol-Nerub is an ancient city of the Nerubian Empire that is now under the rule of the Scourge. Anub`Arak, the Lich King's loyal assistant, rules here now. In order to complete the Azjol-Nerub dungeon, you have to fight 2 spider bosses and Anub`Arak himself. Fighting bosses in normal mode can earn 155 ilvl loot, which will be very useful for the best leveling of your toon. Azjol-Nerub Heroic Dungeon Run will give your toon 200 ilvl loot and even epic items that can drop after the final boss fight. So, the passage of Azjol-Nerub Dungeon in normal, and even more so in heroic mode, is really worth it to complete it as soon as possible. In a team with our professional and experienced boosters, you will achieve your goal many times faster, and the run itself will be much more exciting! Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy Azjol-Nerub Heroic Dungeon Run and get great WotLK loot.


For those who choose Azjol-Nerub Dungeon in normal mode: Character level 67+

For those who choose Azjol-Nerub Dungeon in heroic mode: Character level 80

Active WoW account with WotLK expansion

Service Progress

  1. After choosing Azjol-Nerub Boost on Frostyboost website, read its description and requirements, and then move the boost service to the cart and pay for it.
  2. Soon you will receive a message from us with a proposal to discuss the details of the boost service you have chosen.
  3. At the time we agreed to start the boost service, you and our PRO players will start Azjol-Nerub Dungeon Run in your chosen normal or heroic mode.
  4. Once you successfully fight the Azjol-Nerub Dungeon bosses, collect the desired loot, get the well-deserved normal or heroic achievements and catch the rare items that drop after the final boss fight, the boost service will be considered completed.

Have an exciting pastime with Frostyboost

There is nothing better than a quick and not very boring and difficult completion of Azjol-Nerub Dungeon. With the Frostyboost team Azjol-Nerub Dungeon Run will be a fun and exciting pastime. And you will get all the benefits and valuable rewards!

What is the duration of WoW WotLK Azjol-Nerub Boost?

This will require two hours of your time.

Where can the Azjol-Nerub be found?

It is located in Dragonblight on the continent of Northrend.

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