WotLK Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom Boost
  • ETA: 3 hours
  • Description: In the team of the most consummate boosters of the Frostyboost team, complete Ahn'kahet Dungeon in normal or heroic mode of your choice and get valuable Heroic Achievement and loot.
  • Rules: Normal mode: Character level 71+; Heroic mode: Character level 80; Active WoW account with WotLK expansion
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WotLK Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom Boost

The once great Nerubian Empire is now an underground Ahn’kahet city controlled by Scourge nerubians and Yogg-Saron's faceless ones. Four merciless ANK bosses are waiting to take on you brave players. However, those who choose to run Ahn'kahet Dungeon in Heroic mode will encounter another one boss here, Amanitar. Fighting every boss in Ahn'kahet, be it a giant arachnid creature or an elemental, requires great teamwork, agility, and good WoW WotLK skills. If it so happens that you, unfortunately, do not have a team right now, do not worry, because here you can find a team of consummate Frostyboost players! Together with them, you will complete Ahn'kahet Dungeon in any mode you want, be it Normal or Heroic ANK run, skillfully defeat every boss in ANK, get the coveted normal or heroic Achievement and loot a ton of useful items. Buy WoW WotLK Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom Boost and let's start the run of Ahn'kahet Dungeon and defeat the villains!


For those who’ll run ANK Dungeon in Normal mode: Character level 71+

For those who’ll run ANK Dungeon in Heroic mode: Character level 80

Active WoW account with WotLK expansion

Service Progress

  1. Move the desired ANK Boost service to your shopping cart and buy the service by paying for it.
  2. Expect a message from the manager of our Frostyboost team soon, who will clarify all the details of the boost service you purchased.
  3. By the agreed time, we will assemble a team of boosters and you will be able to start completing ANK Dungeon, defeating ruthless bosses and getting a great Normal or Heroic Achievement.
  4. As soon as all this is done, the ANK Boost service will be considered completed. Congratulations on your new ANK Heroic Achievements!

Make your Ahn'kahet journey successful with Frostyboost

Don't waste your valuable time! It is better to immediately contact the Frostyboost team for ANK Boost Service. Buying Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom Boost, you will get satisfaction in completing ANK Dungeon and enjoy such an exciting and successful journey!

How long will we run the Ahn'kahet Dungeon?

We will complete it in 3 hours maximum.

Where can I find the ANK Dungeon?

It is located on the continent of Northrend, in Dragonblight.

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