WoW WotLK Enchanting guide 1-450

WoW WotLK Enchanting guide 1-450

WotLK Enchanting Guide 1-450

WotLK Enchanting profession is the main profession that allows all its owners to enchant items and improve them with enchantments. So, you can improve your equipment and weapons and create all the different items, consumables that your character can use in other WotLK professions. Enchanting is a very exciting and rewarding profession that will also allow you to earn a lot of gold. Let’s figure out how to quickly level up your WotLK Enchanting profession, what is required for this and whether there are any unique and quick ways.

Training Enchanting for power leveling enchanting 1-450

Leveling up your WotLK Enchanting profession is mostly done through training and practice. To do this, you have to complete tasks from specialized trainers. Trainers of a particular profession are not always easy to find, but in our WotLK Enchanting Guide we will tell you the location of the required trainers.

So, if your character is able to visit Dalaran, then go there and find Enchanter Nalthanis. It won’t be too hard to find him, as he is near the Magus Commerce Exchange. We have marked his exact location on the map.

Enchanting trainers Old World

Here you can learn a profession up to the level of an Artisan. If you belong to the Alliance faction then look for Taladan in Darnassus.Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 3

And if you are a member of the Horde then you need Lavinia Crowe in Undercity.
Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 4

Enchanting trainers Outland

Once here, don’t forget that your trainers will be waiting for you in the very first quest zone. Alliance players will need to find Johan Barnes here.

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 5

Horde players will need to find Felannia at Thrallmar.

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 6

Trainers in this zone will help you learn vanilla charms. All this will be extremely useful for those who want to master the Enchanting profession.

When you get to Shattrath, the search awaits you again. This time you have to find High Enchanter Bardolan of The Scryers and Zurii of The Aldor.

Enchanting trainers Northrend

To develop enchanting skills in Northrend, Horde members will need to find Eorain Dawnstrike in Warsong Hold.

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 7

Alliance members will need to find Alexis Marlowe in Valiance Keep.

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 8

Enchanting Specializations

You do not have to choose which specialization to choose, because there are no specializations in the Enchanting profession. The most important things here are formulas. By learning the formulas, you will be able to enchant your clothes, items, weapons and equipment. So keep in mind that formulas and recipes are what is really important in WotLK Enchanting.

Required Materials

Here you can see exactly what materials you will need to find in one or another part of WoW WotLK in order to use them in the future and create something useful and increase your Enchanting skill.

Materials from the Old World

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 9

Materials from the Outland

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 10

Materials from the Northrend

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 11

Leveling Enchanting in WoW WotLK

Now let’s get down to the most responsible and difficult part of leveling in the WotLK Enchanting profession. This is the creation of objects. Next, you will see a detailed list of items that your character needs to create as your level of Enchanting profession changes.


So let’s get started. Here you will see a detailed description of what reagents you will need to create this item and all subsequent ones.

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 12

After crafting these items a few times, you will be able to become a Journeyman.

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 13

Now is the time to become an Expert Enchanting.

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 14

Here you will be able to reach the Artisan level.

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 15

At later levels, it will be important to get the Formula. It can be either Enchant Bracer – Greater Stamina or Enchant Boots – Greater Stamina. The first option will allow you to immediately reach level 280, while the second will allow you to save materials. Whichever option you choose, you will need to purchase Formula: Lesser Mana Oil anyway.

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 16


Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 17

Once you have created this item, you can finally relax a little and praise yourself! After all, now you can safely go to Northrend and train to the Grand Master level!

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 18


Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 19
Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 20

And here you have to choose between Greater Cosmic Essence and Eternal Earth. The greatest role in this decision will be played by the cost of a particular essence and the desire to look for Crystallized and Eternal Earths.

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 21

Further, everything will depend on what materials you have at these levels. If you own at least two Abyss Crystals, you will be able to use Abyssal Shatter.

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 22

Wow, congratulations! Now you have created all the necessary items, become a Grand Master in the WotLK Enchanting profession and reached the maximum level of 450!

Endgame Enchanting

Once you reach the endgame enchanting, you are free to do whatever you want and improve your equipment and the equipment of your teammates. To get endgame recipes, go to Vanessa Sellers and buy recipes from her.

Wotlk enchanting guide 1-450 23

All the various weapon enchants, Enchant Staff and Enchant Bracers will become available to you. You can also go to Underbelly and buy a new formula there. Other formulas can be yours if you go to the Ulduar dungeon. Defeat bosses and get new formulas! This will allow you to get powerful enchantments that will significantly improve your weapons or you can sell it and get a lot of gold. The choice is yours! In any case, you will be interested!

Become the best enchanter in WotLK

This concludes our WotLK Enchanting Guide and we sincerely hope that we have helped you in some way! We told you in detail about the enchanting trainers, about the materials that you will need and you learned what you can do next. WotLK Enchanting profession is really a very interesting, exciting and useful profession. You yourself will be able to improve all your weapons and equipment and make it even more powerful than it is! If you were attracted to this profession and you did not know where to start, read our WotLK Enchanting Guide, return to it again and again and find new answers here! We wish you success in your Enchanting craft! Create the best enchantments in all of WoW WotLK!

Will the Enchanting profession be useful in WoW WotLK?

Yes, the enchanting profession in WotLK is very useful and even profitable. Firstly, you will be able to create very meaningful enchants and thus improve your equipment, weapons, etc. Secondly, in the future, this profession will allow you to earn a lot of gold.

Which profession goes well with Enchanting?

Tailoring goes very well with the Enchanting profession. You will be able to create clothes yourself and improve them thanks to enchantments.

Where can I buy formulas in WotlK?

There is Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran. You can buy Enchanting formulas from her.

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