Top 10 Pals and Location Guide in Palworld

A Comprehensive Guide to Top 10 Pals

Step into the enchanting world of PalWorld, an upcoming monster-catching RPG that promises a captivating journey through diverse landscapes teeming with extraordinary creatures known as Pals. These companions, with their unique traits and abilities, can be your loyal allies in battles and exploration.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Top 10 Pals

In the expansive realm of PalWorld, Pals are not just creatures; they are your friends, your comrades in arms. The process of making them allies is both thrilling and strategic – capture them with an orb and witness their loyalty unfold. Once tamed, these incredible beings can be summoned at your fingertips, ready to join you in the grand adventure that awaits.

As a PalWorld adventurer, you can form a team of up to 5 Pals, each contributing its distinct strengths to your journey. Any Pals captured beyond this limit are conveniently stored in the Pala container, ensuring you have a diverse roster of allies at your disposal.

With Early Access just around the corner on January 19, the anticipation for PalWorld is reaching new heights. Many species have already been unveiled, and we’re here to provide an exclusive sneak peek into the Top 10 Pals and their locations. Join us as we explore the magical creatures that will shape your PalWorld experience and guide you in creating an unbeatable team of companions. The countdown to adventure begins, and the Pals are ready to stand by your side.


Type: Dragon | Location: -255, -130

Meet Quiv, a dragon-type Pal with a formidable skill set. With draconic breath, acid rain, and spirit fire attacks, Quiv boasts incredible moves. Noteworthy is its high attack stats, making it a worthy addition to your party. Capture Quiv around level 23 at coordinates -255, -130 for a powerful ally in your adventures.


Nitewing – The Soaring Companion

Type: Flying | Location: Starting Area

Nightwing, the first flying Pal you encounter, becomes available early in your journey, usually around level 11. Find them in the starting area, soaring gracefully through the skies. Look for one with the Swift passive skill to enjoy a 30% increase in movement speed, making exploration and travel a breeze.

Nitewing - The Soaring Companion


Type: Ground | Location: Top Right of the Map

For efficient ground exploration, Ray Hound is your go-to Pal. It excels in traversing obstacles with its unique double jump while mounted. Capture Ray Hound at coordinates around 542, 335, and enjoy its swift movements, especially useful in navigating challenging terrains.



Type: Ground | Location: Various

Swift and agile, Direhowl offers a faster-than-average mount. While lacking a double jump, they compensate with swiftness. Look for one with the Swift passive skill to maximize your speed. Direwolves are versatile companions for your journey, providing reliable ground transportation.


Warsect – The Mighty Fighter

Type: Insect | Location: Dungeon at 158, -222

Warsect Pal stands out as a formidable fighter with high attack and defense stats. Its passive skill boosts defense and applies fire damage during battles, making it a valuable ally. Journey to the dungeon at coordinates 158, -222 (recommended level 20s) to capture this mighty Pal, ready to unleash divine retribution.

Warsect - The Mighty Fighter


Type: Dark | Location: Dungeon at 241, -332

Katress is a versatile Pal suitable for both combat and crafting. With the ability to drop more items from defeated neutral Pals and two handywork skills, Katress is a valuable addition to your party. Capture this resourceful Pal at coordinates 241, -332, and watch as it becomes an essential asset in both farming and crafting endeavors.



Type: Fire | Location: Lava Crack around 360

Wixen excels in fire-related tasks, making it an invaluable asset for melting ore into ingots. With two kindling skills, Wixen is the go-to Pal for all things fire. Explore the lava crack area around coordinates 360, and capture multiple Wixens to enhance your base’s productivity.



Type: Water/Ice | Location: Coordinates 118, 354

Penking stands out as a water and ice specialist, excelling in both combat and base-related tasks. With two handiwork skills and the ability to drop more items from defeated fire Pals, Penking is a well-rounded Pal. Capture Penking early in your journey at coordinates 118, 354, and benefit from its diverse skill set.



Type: Ground | Location: Coordinates -167, 73

Digtoise is the ultimate miner, equipped with a unique shell spin ability that efficiently mines ores. This Pal is a must-have for obtaining valuable resources. Capture Digtoise at coordinates -167, 73, and watch as it becomes an indispensable asset for mining tasks around your base.



Type: Neutral | Location: Coordinates 137, 1119

Mossanda is an exceptional resource gatherer, specializing in planting, lumbering, and transporting. With a diverse skill set, including two planting, two handiwork, and three transporting skills, Mossanda ensures a steady supply of resources. Capture Mossanda at coordinates 137, 1119, and witness its efficiency in supporting your base’s development.


Choose your best Pal today in the new Palworld game!

As you delve into the mesmerizing realm of PalWorld, armed with the knowledge of these Top 10 Pals and their strategic locations, a world of adventure awaits. These extraordinary companions are not merely creatures but indispensable allies, each contributing its unique prowess to your journey. The carefully curated guide unveils the secrets of capturing and harnessing the powers of Pals – from the fiery Wixen to the versatile Mossanda.

Choose your best Pal today in the new Palworld game!

As you form a formidable team of up to five Pals, with FrostyBoost ready to enhance your experience, the anticipation for Early Access on January 19 is reaching a crescendo. The countdown to adventure has begun, and the Pals are poised to stand by your side in the face of challenges.

Explore the vast world of PalWorld with these essential Pals by your side. Whether soaring through the skies, mining valuable resources, or aiding in crafting endeavors, each Pal brings a unique set of skills to enhance your gaming experience. Capture them strategically and build a formidable team to conquer the challenges that await in PalWorld.

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What is PalWorld?

PalWorld is an upcoming monster-catching RPG that immerses players in a captivating world filled with fantastical creatures known as Pals. Players can catch, tame, and strategically deploy these Pals for battles, exploration, and various tasks.

How do I capture Pals in PalWorld?

Pals can be captured using orbs. Approach the desired Pal and deploy an orb to make it your ally. Once captured, Pals can be summoned at your fingertips, ready to join you in your adventures.

How many Pals can I have in my party?

You can have up to 5 Pals in your party. Any Pals captured beyond this limit are automatically sent to the Pala container for convenient storage.

Can I ride Pals in PalWorld?

Yes, some Pals can be ridden, offering unique advantages in exploration. For example, Nightwing is the first flying Pal, and Ray Hound can be used for efficient ground traversal.

What is the significance of the Pala container?

The Pala container is a storage system for Pals that exceed the 5-Pal limit in your party. It ensures you have a diverse roster of allies at your disposal and can be managed easily.

How often do the dungeons in PalWorld respawn?

Dungeons in PalWorld respawn every hour, providing players with opportunities to capture or recapture Pals and gather valuable resources.

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