The Best Warrior Comps Shadowlands

The Best Warrior Comps Shadowlands

The warrior class in WoW Shadowlands is a class of strong and fast characters. Usually warriors are the ones who lead the attack and fight in the arena, stunning their opponents with a series of attacks and maneuvers.

In order for the warrior class to cope with battles more successfully, it will not be superfluous to know about best warrior comps Shadowlands.

The Best Warrior 2v2 Comps Shadowlands

The Best Warrior 2v2 Comps Shadowlands always consist of a warrior and a healer. A warrior always needs a healer, because without a healer a warrior cannot play successfully. The warrior does excellent damage, but he does not know how to heal himself, and therefore it will be impossible for him to survive on the battleground without the help of a healer. The warrior + healer comp is the best comp in arena 2v2. The warrior deals damage to opponents, and the healer restores the health of the warrior. The best warrior 2v2 comps also include such comps as warrior + holy paladin, warrior + holy priest, warrior + resto druid, warrior + resto shaman. Generally speaking, the most important thing in the game with warrior class in the 2v2 arena is the need to combine a warrior with a healer. This duo will be able to win and advance in the game.

The Best Warrior 3v3 Comps Shadowlands

The Best Warrior 3v3 Comps Shadowlands includes comps like warrior + mage + healer, warrior + death knight + healer, warrior + warlock + healer, warrior + shaman + healer. The shaman in the extreme combination should act as a damage dealer.

The above WoW Shadowland arena comps are considered to be one of the most productive and strong comps for a warrior to successfully play them. All these comps are perfectly balanced in terms of control and damage. These comps will allow the warrior to perform well and achieve a high rating.

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The Best 2v2 Comps Shadowlands

When playing arena 2v2, there can be a huge number of comps of one class with others. Almost all 2v2 comps are played in the arena 2v2. It depends only on your imagination and your skills.

Top 3 most powerful 2v2 comps Shadowlands:

Rogue + holy priest

Hunter + holy priest or hunter + resto druid

Feral druid + holy priest

Next can be resto shaman + feral warrior, rogue + mage, demon hunter + resto shaman.

Also effective comps when playing in arena 2v2 are: rogue + holy priest, rogue + mage, warrior with any healer, but the best comps are warrior + holy priest, warrior + resto shaman.

Warlock can play in Demonology, Destruction and Affliction. The best comp with warlock is warlock + resto shaman. Warlock also plays with healers. The best comps for warlock and healer are warlock + holy paladin, warlock + holy priest, warlock + resto shaman, warlock + resto druid, warlock + retri paladin.

A hunter playing with resto shaman, holy priest, resto druid can make a strong team. A hunter can play in any spec. These are BeastMaster – BM, Marksman – MM and Survival Hunter.

Rogue can play with resto shaman, holy priest and many others. There can also be a large number of combinations.

These 2v2 comps Shadowlands are truly the most powerful and effective compositions in 2v2 arena game.

The Best 3v3 Comps Shadowlands

If we are talking about the best 3v3 comps Shadowlands, then one of the most popular comps is RMP – rogue + mage + priest. The combination RMD – rogue + mage + druid was also considered very popular. However, recently it has become less effective in a 3v3 arena game.

The Jungle comp uses the hunter + druid classes. As damage dealer a feral druid and a hunter in any of the specs. Priest acts as a healer. Jungle can also be played with a paladin – feral druid + hunter + holy paladin. However, with a paladin, this will be less effective.

There are also many other powerful compositions.

For example, Turbo comp. This comp consists of warrior + enhanced shaman + healer. Or TSG – warrior + death knight + healer.

The Shatter Cleave usually consists of maga + shadow priest + healer. Typically, the healer here is a druid or paladin, or one more priest.

The Shadow Cleave comp is a comp of warlock + death knight + healer. Any class can play as a healer here. However, for Shadow Cleave, the best healer would be a paladin.

The Beast Cleave – enhanced shaman + BM Hunter + healer.

The Thunder Cleave – Elemental shaman + warrior + healer.

Other very strong comps that, unfortunately, have no name are: hunter + shadow priest + healer, rogue + shadow priest + healer, rogue + retri paladin + healer. These comps are really very powerful but very rare. They are hard to play. These comps are mainly used only by professional players and show a good level of play. The level of the game is high, rather, because other players have never seen such a combination and do not know how to play against it.

We have shown you the most popular and effective PvP comps Shadowlands. Compositions are how people want and can combine classes. They are designed to find those classes that will be best combined with your particular class. Together you will be able to inflict great damage on opponents, restore health and successfully move along the game path. Choose the one that best suits your abilities and goals and try yourself in the game!


Can I play a warrior without a healer in arena 2v2?

Yes. You can also use comp: warrior + prot paladin. The prot paladin will be able to heal the warrior since he has the ability to heal. Warrior + death knight may also suit you, but you must be able to deal really powerful damage, and this is far from being possible for everyone.

Is it difficult to play a warrior?

At a low level and in general, it is not a difficult class, at a high level, the warrior class requires skill. But anyways it’s far from the most difficult class.

Is it possible to play a warrior at a high rating?

Yes, it is a very popular class. Warrior class is a rare class that can stop the go from enemy team and save his own team from death.

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