Nerubians in WoW War Within Expansion

The War Within: Unveiling the Nerubians and Their Alliance with Xal’atath

Anticipate a formidable presence in The War Within as we turn our attention to the Nerubians, emerging as a crucial faction in the unfolding narrative. This splinter tribe, entrenched within subterranean realms, has aligned itself with Xal’atath, elevating their significance in the impending conflict. Explore the depths of knowledge surrounding this mysterious collective and prepare for the impending clash.

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Historical background of Nerubians

Studying historical archives reveals that the Nerubians are descendants of the Akirs, insect-like creatures that evolved from biomass torn from the ancient gods. The Akirs, an amazing evolutionary concept, sapiently diversified into distinct life forms that were heavily influenced by the closeness of the ancient gods. Notably, Yogg-Saron played a pivotal role in shaping the Nerubians, who established their settlement in the northern territories of Azeroth. In parallel, other Aqir factions, such as the Qirajes, fell under the influence of C’Thun, while the Mantids underwent evolution in the remnants of I’Sharaj’s essence. The intricate evolution of the Nerubians is a witness to the cosmic powers that have conditioned their creation.

In the annals of Warcraft lore, the tale of the Nerubians unfolds as a chapter of resilience and strategic resistance against the encroaching influence of the Lich King, then embodied by the enigmatic Ner’zhul. As the Lich King sought dominion over Northrend, he encountered a formidable adversary in the Nerubians, their innate immunity to his magical powers posing a considerable challenge. The ensuing conflict, known as the Spider War, played out in the extensive underground labyrinth of Azjol’Nerub, weaving a protracted and arduous narrative.

The Nerubians, resilient to the deathly grasp of the Pestilence, presented an unyielding front. However, a sinister turn of events unfolded as fallen Nerubians, immune to the plague, became involuntary servants of the Lich King upon reanimation. This grim reality tilted the scales in favor of the Lich King during the war, with many Nerubians meeting a fate akin to the traitorous Anub’arak, encountered in our explorations of Northrend during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Not all Nerubians succumbed to this tragic destiny. The Azjol-anak faction, under the leadership of Cilix the Destroyer, paved a different path in Dragonblight, becoming a testament to the varied outcomes of the Nerubian League saga.

Nerub History The war within

Intriguingly, the legacy of the Nerubians extends beyond Northrend. Amidst the events of the Battle for Azeroth, our journeys led us to the uncharted territory of Spider’s Hollow during island expeditions. Here, the Cora’kar, a faction of resilient and still living Nerubians, made their home. Within the hollow, an artifact known as the Voru’arak Shell held the key to unraveling the saga of Vorus’arak, a Nerubian lord who defied the odds, surviving the Spider War and orchestrating a daring escape from Northrend through an intricate network of deep tunnels.

Thus, the story of the Nerubians transcends the icy domains of Northrend, painting a tapestry of resistance, adaptation, and unexpected journeys in the rich tapestry of Warcraft history.

Nerubians in the Expansion of War Within

In the expansive tapestry of Warcraft lore, the Nerubians of Azj’Kahet emerge as a pivotal race, intricately woven into a complex narrative of alliances, evolutionary twists, and an enigmatic pursuit deeply influenced by the ancient gods. Azj’Kahet, aptly coined “the last kingdom of the Nerubians,” stands as a testament to their enduring resilience as they navigate the ever-shifting dynamics of Azeroth.

Guiding this clandestine kingdom is Queen Ahnsurek, a central figure whose strategic alliance with Xal’atath, the Blade of the Black Empire, adds a layer of intrigue to the unfolding narrative. Xal’atath’s profound connection with the Nerubians takes a transformative turn as she assumes a role in architecting their evolution, echoing the ancient gods’ guiding hand in shaping the descendants of the Aqir.

The lands of Azj’Kahet become entangled in a bitter conflict with the Arathi, denizens of the Voidlands within The War Within. Struggling to gain supremacy in this confrontation, Queen Ahnsurek turns to Xal’atath, embracing her “dark gifts” as a strategic maneuver to tip the scales in favor of the Nerubians.

At the heart of Azj’Kahet lies the City of Threads, a metropolis that has ascended skyward over the centuries. Within its tiers, a unique class structure unfolds, reflecting the social intricacies woven into the fabric of Nerubian society. The city’s stratification mirrors the complexities of status and proximity to the queen.

Nerubian in WTT

Diligently following the cryptic instructions of Xal’atath, the Nerubians collect the Black Blood of the ancient gods, a mysterious substance that seeps through hidden cracks into the deepest recesses of the world. The purpose of this ominous collection remains shrouded in mystery, yet the undeniable potency and lethality of the ancient gods’ blood evoke echoes of Saronite, a corrupted substance born from Yogg-Saron’s essence, scattered across Northrend.

Within the “Portals of Time” event, Azk’Roth unfolds a version of Azeroth dominated by the Dark Empire. The Stone Tablet tells of a violent event akin to the Hunger Games, designed to pacify an entity known as “The Ancient One”. This fearsome being, described as the pinnacle of the ancient gods’ creations, can supposedly be summoned by collecting enough of its blood. The parallels with the Black Blood of Xal’atath make one wonder about the true motives of the Nerubians in their zealous blood gathering.

Nerubian Mother WTT

As the narrative unfolds, echoes of Wrath of the Lich King resurface, foretelling the rise of a Nerubian resistance that aligns itself with players against both Xal’atath and Queen Ahnsurek. The looming conflict promises a multifaceted engagement where allegiances are tested, and the intricate dance between shadows and light plays out once again. This impending clash sets the stage for a formidable journey within The War Within, where the fate of Az-Kahet hangs in the balance, and the Nerubians grapple with the echoes of their tumultuous history.


In the vast expansive tapestry of the World of Warcraft, the Nerubians appear as a key and multifaceted force. This race has a rich and varied history, from their historical roots as descendants of the Akirs, shaped by the ancient gods, particularly Yogg-Saron, to their resilience in the face of the Lich King’s influence during the War of the Spiders. In WoW expansion War Within, Azj’Kahet stands as their last kingdom, with Queen Ahnsurek forming a strategic alliance with Xal’atath, altering the course of Nerubian evolution.

The conflict with the Arathi in the Voidlands, the intricate class structure within the City of Threads, and the enigmatic collection of the Black Blood of ancient gods add layers to the Nerubian narrative. The echoes of a Nerubian resistance, reminiscent of events from Wrath of the Lich King, hint at dynamic player involvement in shaping the fate of Az-Kahet.

With their complex history and evolving role in WoW War Within, the Nerubians are a blend of story, strategy, and player engagement, making them a fascinating and significant element in the vast landscape of World of Warcraft. As the upcoming encounter unfolds, the influence of the Nerubians on the narrative promises to be profound and dynamic, adding depth to the player’s journey in this expansion.

What makes the Nerubians meaningful in War Within WoW?

The Nerubians, residing in Azj’Kahet, play a crucial role as a faction entangled in a complex narrative. Their alliance with Xal’atath and the brewing conflict with the Arathi in the Voidlands make them a formidable force to reckon with.

How did the original gods influence the Nerubians' evolution?

The Nerubians, descendants of the Aqirs, were shaped by the influence of ancient gods. Yogg-Saron, in particular, played a pivotal role in guiding their evolution, reflecting the cosmic forces at play in Azeroth’s history.

How is the importance of the City of Threads in Azj'Kaheth?

The City of Threads serves as the capital of Azj’Kahet, showcasing a unique class structure. The higher a Nerubian’s status and proximity to the queen, the higher their dwelling is within the tiers, reflecting the societal complexities of Nerubian culture.

Why do Nerubians gather the Black Blood of the ancient gods?

The purpose of collecting the Black Blood remains mysterious. Parallels with Saronite, known for its corrupting influence, raise questions about the true motives behind this fervent blood collection.

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