Escape From Tarkov: Arena – A New Chapter in Tactical Shooter

Tarkov Arenas to Release This Year

On December 7, BSG partially lifted the veil of secrecy over Escape From Tarkov: Arena. Open beta testing for all pre-orders will start at the end of the year.

EFT: Arena is a new story in the world of Tarkov, an exciting shooter that retains all the features of EFT and short session gameplay. Players will dive into battles in the city arenas, under the watchful eyes of their masters – the organizers. Players are given the opportunity for quick battles, instead of the need to collect various loot. This is an attempt to present their tactical esports shooter, but with its own mechanics and features.

Tarkov Arena Locations

  • Tarkov Arena Locations Currently, there are 7 game locations in the arena, 4 of which have been shown: Equator, Air Pit, Bay 5, and Sawmill. Sawmill – an old sawmill in the suburbs of Tarkov. Rumor has it, it was a backup disguised command post of TerraGroup Labs with an autonomous control system.

Sawmill eft

  • Bay 5 – formerly a guarded TerraGroup Labs cargo warehouse in the port area. A famous map in a new performance.

Bay5 eft

  • Air Pit – a terminal hall in the city airport, turned into an Arena for gladiatorial fights to the death by local mercenaries.

Air pit eft

  • Equator – an artificially designed Arena for exciting matches in the Equator-2 shopping center.

equator eft

  • The remaining 3: the Bowl, the Box, Resort – have not been officially presented.

New Classes EFT

Arena will feature its own classes of ready presets: CQB, Assault, Recon, Sniper.

new classes eft

Game Modes

Several game modes will be presented in the Arena, such as:

  • Teamfight – 7 rounds of battles for two teams of five people each. Victory is counted if the point is captured after the timer ends.
  • Duel – a duel between two players.
  • Overruin – games against bots for 5 players. The team’s task is to destroy all enemies on the map, complete the mission, and successfully evacuate back.
  • Shootout – Round-robin tournament – a team plays against another in solo, duo, or trio modes. The two teams with the most victory points fight in the final to determine the winner.
  • Last Hero – a death match with other players. After the time expires, the player must make the most kills.

Arena matches are divided into two types – rated and unrated.

Unrated matches give players the opportunity to learn the game, practice, or just enjoy the process on any map and with any opponents.

Rated match matchmaking will be carried out by matching opponents taking into account their weapons and equipment, which, in the developers’ opinion, will achieve a balance of battles.

Launcher Changes

The BSG launcher has undergone some changes, now you can choose between classic EfT and Eft: Arena.

Two Games, One Character

Despite Arena being considered a separate game, there will be one character, and progress will also be saved in both projects.

All mechanics from Tarkov will be transferred to the arena, the games will be fully synchronized with each other both in terms of weapon specifics and in all updates.

Questions to the Developer

Many players were invited to the project presentation, and anyone interested could look at the product from the inside. Battlestate Games provided 20 spots so that everyone could try their hand at different teams and test their preparations.

Before the start of the streamer battles, the game director of Escape from Tarkov, Nikita Buyanov, answered questions concerning the community:

  • BSG will present EFT: Arena at Dreamhack Hannover in mid-December, holding a Tarkov Arena tournament. As part of the tournament, teams of professionals will compete for 100,000 eu.
  • Next year, BSG plans to organize tournaments and promote the idea of esports in Tarkov.
  • Closed beta testing will start this year, admitting people in waves.
  • The build shown at the closed press screening will likely be the one released.
  • Battlestate games are interested in attracting a new audience, the game is designed for several groups of players from super hardcore to the most ordinary.

What is Escape From Tarkov: Arena?

Escape From Tarkov: Arena (EFT: Arena) is a new installment in the world of Tarkov. It’s an exciting shooter that keeps the core features of the original Escape From Tarkov (EFT) but focuses on short session gameplay. In this game, players engage in quick battles in various city arenas, orchestrated by the game’s organizers, offering a different experience from the original game’s loot collection and survival elements.

What are the key features of the new Tarkov Arena locations?

Tarkov Arena features seven game locations, with four revealed so far: Equator, Air Pit, Bay 5, and Sawmill. Each location has its unique backstory and setup, such as Sawmill being an old sawmill and a disguised command post, and Air Pit being a converted terminal hall for gladiatorial fights. These locations add diverse environments and backstories, enhancing the game’s immersive experience.

How will the gameplay and classes work in EFT: Arena?

Arena introduces distinct classes with ready presets, including CQB, Assault, Recon, and Sniper, each offering different playstyles. The game includes various modes like Teamfight, Duel, Overruin, Shootout, and Last Hero, catering to different gaming preferences. The game emphasizes quick, intense battles rather than the extensive loot collection found in the original EFT. This setup is designed to appeal to both hardcore and casual players, with a focus on tactical esports-style gameplay.

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