Dragonflight Mythic+ Season One Guide

Dragonflight Mythic+ Season One Guide

Dragonflight season is finally out, and we still don’t know much about its Mythic+ dungeons. When is the release date expected, what changes will there be, what can you get by completing the Mythic + dungeons? These questions and more will be answered in our Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1 Guide!

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Mythic+ dungeons have always been especially important for players, and especially for fans of the PvE segment. And in order not to torment our readers for a long time, we will immediately designate the release date of the new DF Mythic + season. It will start on December 12, 2022. During this week, players will be able to embark on an exciting yet challenging journey through Mythic+ Dungeons. But what to expect there and how many obstacles will there be? Now we’ll find out.

Dragonflight’s First Mythic+ Affix

Since we are talking about obstacles and difficulties, it’s time to discuss affixes. The Necrotic and Inspiring affixes have been removed in the Dragonflight Mythic+ Season. But the Thundering affix has been added.

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This means that your playthrough will be complicated by the Raszageth storm, which will damage and stun you and your teammates. This affix will last every 90 seconds and players affected by it will be stunned for one second and take Nature damage.

Dragonflight Mythic+ Rotation

There will also be some minor changes to the dungeon rotation in the new Dragonflight season. Four new dungeons will be added here. And four dungeons will be from previous expansions. Below you will see exactly which dungeons will be in Mythic+.

It should be clear to everyone that those dungeons that are added in the Dragonflight season will be located exclusively on the Dragon Isles. If you decide to go there, then you will know where to look for new M+ dungeons. However, dungeons from other expansions may be more difficult to find. Often the question arises, where is this or that dungeon. And we decided to simplify your path. In Valdrakken you can find 3 portals. Find the Seat of the Aspects and a ladder nearby. On the right will be the portals we need. They will guide you to Mythic+ dungeons. And to be even more precise, you can use these coordinates. The Mythic+ dungeon portals are located between Coordinates 53, 55.

Mythic+ Rewards

For completing Mythic+ dungeons, each player will receive amazing rewards. The item level of the items you get here will be much higher than normal dungeons. So there is definitely something to try and successfully complete Dragonflight M+ dungeons for. In our table below you can see what kind of reward you can get for completing a particular Mythic+ dungeon. You will see the ilvl of the item that you get for completing the M+ dungeon.

Difficulty Level Item Level after the Run
Mythic +1 372
Mythic +2 376
Mythic +3 376
Mythic +4 379
Mythic +5 379
Mythic +6 382
Mythic +7 385
Mythic +8 385
Mythic +9 389
Mythic +10 392
Mythic +11 392
Mythic +12 392
Mythic +13 392
Mythic +14 395
Mythic +15 398
Mythic +16 398
Mythic +17 402
Mythic +18 402
Mythic +19 405
Mythic +20 405

Dragonflight Weekly Chest


If you are interested in Weekly Chest, then immediately after the release of the Mythic+ Season, start going through the dungeons. Thus, during the week you will be able to complete M + 18, and next week you will already receive items of level 418!

Difficulty Level Item Level Weekly Reward
Mythic +1 None
Mythic +2 382
Mythic +3 385
Mythic +4 385
Mythic +5 389
Mythic +6 389
Mythic +7 392
Mythic +8 395
Mythic +9 395
Mythic +10 398
Mythic +11 402
Mythic +12 405
Mythic +13 408
Mythic +14 408
Mythic +15 411
Mythic +16 415
Mythic +17 415
Mythic +18 418
Mythic +19 418
Mythic +20 421

Good luck in the DF Mythic+ Season

Well, this concludes our DF Mythic+ Season 1 Guide. Completing Mythic + dungeons is always difficult, but it is also extremely exciting. This is a great way to get valuable rewards and high-level items. The rewards that will allow your character to become strong enough at the very beginning of the new Dragonflight season are really important and valuable. Good luck to every daredevil who ventured into the M+ dungeons! And we invite everyone who wants to complete WoW Mythic+ Boost in a team with professional and skilled boosters! In a team with PROs, it will be more efficient and faster. In any case, we sincerely wish you good luck and interesting adventures in the new season! We hope our guide revealed some secrets for you and turned out to be informative! If you have any ideas and additions, write to us!

When does DF M+ Season start?

The season will start on December 12 of this year.

Why should I run Mythic+ dungeons?

Basically, Mythic+ dungeons are run to get valuable high-level rewards. Their ilvl will be much higher than the ilvl in normal mode. This will be a great opportunity to earn cool gear at the very beginning of the season.

Will there be new dungeons in M+ mode?

Yes, we all expect a new rotation. In the DF season, there will be as many as four new dungeons in Mythic + mode. All of them will be located on the Dragon Isles.

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