Discover Blizzard’s New SoD Weapons in December 2023 Trading Post Update

Blizzard Unveils a Quintet of Enchanting Weapons at the Trading Posts

Step into a world of mystique and might with Blizzard’s latest addition to their Trading Posts. This December, five new, awe-inspiring weapons have emerged, each with its own unique tale and craftsmanship:

  1. The Chipped Gladius: Not just any blade, this Gladius carries the marks of historical battles on its chipped edge. Its legacy is etched into every nick, a testament to the countless warriors who wielded it with honor.
    The Chipped Gladius
  2. Craftsman Timber Mallet: A masterpiece of woodworking and metallurgy, this mallet is more than a tool; it’s a symbol of the timeless bond between nature and craftsmanship. Its hefty head and sturdy handle speak of skilled hands shaping the world.
    Craftsman Timber Mallet
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  3. Chilled Touch of the Condemned: A weapon that whispers tales of the forgotten, its frostbitten grasp is as cold as the darkest depths of winter. Holding it sends shivers down the spine, a chilling reminder of the fate that befell its previous wielders.
    Chilled Touch of the Condemned
  4. Glittering Fel Gavel: Forged in the fires of magic and mystery, this gavel glows with an otherworldly light. Its mere presence fills the air with a buzz of power, resonating with the energy of untold spells and enchantments.
    Glittering Fel Gavel
  5. Lost Crusader’s Azure Battleaxe: A relic of a bygone era, this azure battleaxe carries the valor and bravery of the crusaders. Its blue-hued blade, as vast as the sky, was once the beacon of hope in battles long past.
    Lost Crusader’s Azure Battleaxe


These magnificent items were conspicuously absent from the in-game vendors until this latest update. So, for those who have been captivated by these legendary weapons, the time is ripe to acquire them using your Trader’s Tender.

Discover the full splendor of the Trading Post’s December 2023 rotation in our detailed article, where every item is a chapter of a grander story waiting to be told. Enhance your gaming experience and conquer challenges with ease – Buy WoW SoD Boost now!

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