BiS List for Phase 3 Tank Shaman in WoW SoD

BiS gear for Phase 3 Tank Shaman in SoD

Below we feature the top slotted gear for Enhancement Shaman – Tank and Dps Specialization. Gathering the perfect gear to suit your class in Season of Discovery Phase 3 must be a tough assignment. We’ll make it easy for you by letting you focus on the fun gameplay while we take care of the gear grind. Choosing our SoD Gearing Boost is your gateway to a powerful and effortless experience.

BiS gear for Phase 3 Tank Shaman in SoD

Helmet – Ba’ham’s Dusty (Bis Item with huge amount of Stamina and it’s also with more Armory that also is very good for Tanking Specialization of Shammy) or not so bad alternative of helmet is Rad-Resistant Scale Hood(can be made at Leatherworking profession)

Neck – Gnomeregan Peace Officer’s Torque (BiS Item Neck for tanking Sham therefore the biggest amount of Stamina stat)

Shoulders –Cacophonous Chain Shoulderguards (It’s the Best in Slot Mail Shoulders 55 level with additional bonus so it’s better to enchant Atal’ai Signet of Might for getting much more AP)

Cloak – Panther Fur Cloak (at the moment Panther Fur Cloak is the best cloak for Shammy in Phase 3 SoD)

Chest – Ostracized Berserker’s Hauberk (Is the best chest for tanking Sham because . It can be dropped in new raid of SoD Sunket Temple)

Wrists – Windtalker’s Wristguards (BiS Wrists without any alternative. It can be obtained in the following zone: Ashenvale and The Barrens )

Hands – First Sergeant’s Mail Gauntlets (It’s mail Piece of the set with additional bonus and profit)

Waist – Girdle of Beastial Fury (quite good Stamina stats for Shaman Tank. The item can be obtained in Blackrock Depths

Legs – Ostracized Berserker’s Legplates (The best Legs for shammy.Dont forget to use Lesser Arcanum of Voracity Enchant to get additional stats. Can be dropped in the New Sunken Temple Raid)

Feet – Ostracized Berserker’s Chain Greaves (Perfect Boots from the same raid Sunken Temple with very good stats for shaman)

Fingers – Drakeclaw Band of the Berserkerx2 (the same ring double time would be perfect for Shaman Tank. It can be also dropped in the Sunken Temple Raid)

Trinkets – Mark of the Chosen (BiS Trinket for Shaman that can be got via completing the quest The Pariah’s Instructions in Desolace) and Breadth of the Beast (is also quite good trinket. It can be dropped in Sunken Temple)

Idol/Totem – Totem of Tormented Ancestry (No more good alternatives)

Weapon – Cobra Fang Claw (BiS weapon for Shaman Tank + shield or double Weapon with 2nd part for additional bonus for Enhancement Shaman Dps Specialization)

Shield – Hakkari Witch Doctor’s Guard (BiS Shield from the last Boss of Sunken Temple Raid

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