Sunken Temple Raid Loot Tutorial in Phase 3 Season of Discovery

New raid and the changes in Phase 3 Season of Discovery

Along with the unexpected announcement of the exact launch date of Season of Discovery Phase 3, which will take place on April 4, the authors have published a detailed overview of its content, including key novelties: a new 20-player raid, new discovery runes, profession improvements, faster pumping and much more. We have prepared a detailed tutorial about the raid loot and changes.

Sunken Temple Raid Loot Tutorial in Phase 3 Season of Discovery

New Raid – Temple of Atal’Hakkar (Sunken Temple)

The raid will be the first of the new raids that will hold as many as 20 people instead of the usual 10.

Players can look forward to 8 bosses and hundreds of new items and even item sets.

  1. Many epic items have either been significantly altered or created from scratch.

The level of the quest chain to the Temple of Atal’Hakkar has been increased and the rewards have been redesigned. For example, in this raid, players will have access to a new level 50 class quest with a valuable class-specific reward for your character.

  1. Notable loot from this raid will include: a two-handed axe with the ability to fire once every 1 minute, a weapon with glow effects, the ability to sacrifice yourself or your ally accessory for a significant boost, and others that players will need to learn about on their own.

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Sunken Temple Raid Loot Tutorial in Phase 2 Season of Discovery


Blistering Ragehammer

Bloodied Headspike

Mijan’s Restorative Rod

Scalebane Greataxe

Smolder Claw


Ancient Divining Rod

Spire of Hakkari Worship

Fist of the Forsaken

Eater of the Damned

Flamebreath Blade

Degraded Dire Nail

Vile Blade of the Wretched

Flamebreath Blade

Lifeforce Dirk

Might of the Blood Loa

Sharpened Tooth of Eraniku

Madness of the Avatar

Sacrificial Dream Dagger

Hubris, the Bandit Brander

Cobra Fang Claw

Modas Karkun

Witch Doctor’s Stick of Mojo

Dreadstalker’s Hunting Bow

Stinging Longbow

Rinzo’s Rapid Repeater

Rod of Irreversible Corrosion

Nightmare Trophy

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JEWELRY items in Gnomeregan Phase 2


Resilience of the Exiled

Perfectly Preserved Dragon’s Eye

Jin’do’s Lost Locket

Bloodstained Charm of Valor


Atal’ai Blood Ceremony

Atal’ai Blood Ritual Charm

Atal’ai Blood Ritual Badge

Atal’ai Blood Ritual Medallion

Atal’alarion’s Enchanted Boulder

Nightmare Resonance Crystal

Lledra’s Inanimator

Witch Doctor’s Hex Stick

Unorthodox Hex Stick

Chained Essence of Eranikus

Zila Gular


Mark of Hakkar

Band of the Wilds

Drakeclaw Band of the Berserker

Drakeclaw Band of the Juggernaut

Drakeclaw Band of the Stalker

Drakeclaw Band of the Blood Prophet

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CLOTH items in Gnomeregan Phase 2 SoD:

Panther Fur Cloak

Hukku’s Hex Cape

Featherskin Drape

Drape of Nightfall

Benevolent Prophet’s Vest

Nightmare Prophet’s Vestments

Malevolent Prophet’s Vest

Garments of the Atal’ai Prophet

Eternal Embrace of the Wind Serpent

Malevolent Prophet’s Sandals

Nightmare Prophet’s Sandals

Ethereal Mistwalker Boots

Gloves of the Fallen Atal’ai Prophet

Gemburst Circlet

Atal’ai Hexxer’s Gloves

Gemburst Circlet

Hakkari Shroud

Crown of the Dreamweaver

Visage of the Exiled

Soulcatcher Crown

Kilt of the Fallen Atal’ai Prophet

Benevolent Prophet’s Leggings

Nightmare Prophet’s Leggings

Rainstrider Leggings

Malevolent Prophet’s Leggings

Atal’ai Medicine Man’s Wrists

Cord of the Untamed

Dawnspire Strap

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LEATHER items in Gnomeregan Phase 2 SoD:

Coagulated Bloodguard Tunic

Exiled Prophet’s Jerkin

Lost Worshipper’s Harness

Blood Corrupted Tunic

Restored Slitherscale Boots

Lost Worshipper’s Treads

Blood Corrupted Boots

Coagulated Bloodguard Boots

Bloodflare Talons

Hands of the Tormented

Voodoo Feathered Headdress

Ba’ham’s Dusty Hat

Hakkari Ritualist’s Headdress

Exiled Prophet’s Leather Pants

Lost Worshipper’s Leggings

Reinforced Atal’ai Spaulders

Blood Corrupted Pants

Coagulated Bloodguard Pants

Temple Looter’s Waistband

Devotee’s Sash of the Emerald Dream

Dreamer’s Darkwater Bracers

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MAIL items in Gnomeregan Phase 2 SoD:

Dread Hunter’s Chainmail

Corrupted Spiritweaver’s Breastplate

Shunned Devotee’s Chainshirt

Ostracized Berserk’s Hauberk

Corrupted Spiritweaver’s Sabatons

Dread Hunter’s Greaves

Shunned Devotee’s Scale Boots

Ostracized Berserk’s Chain Greaves

Boots of the Atal’ai Blood Shaman

Emerald Scalemail Gloves

Polluted Murkwater Gauntlets

Helm of Exile

Visor of Verdant Feathers

Gasher’s Forgotten Visor

Enchanted Emerald Helmet

Revitalized Drake Scale Leggings

Corrupted Spiritweaver’s Leggings

Ostracized Berserk’s Legplates

Shunned Devotee’s Legguards

Dread Hunter’s Chausses

Screaming Chain Pauldrons

Atal’ai Huntsman’s Shoulde

Waistguard of Pain

Belt of the Forsaken Worshipper

Cursed Slimescale Bracers

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PLATE items in Gnomeregan Phase 2 SoD:

Wailing Berserker’s Chestplate

Obsessed Prophet’s Chestplate

Banished Martyr’s Plate Armor

Will of the Atal’ai Warrior

Banished Martyr’s Plate Boots

Obsessed Prophet’s Ornate Boots

Wailing Berserker’s Battleboots

Corruption Laden Handguards

Avenguard Helm

Immaculate Goldsteel Helmet

Banished Martyr’s Plate Legguards

Obsessed Prophet’s Legguards

Wailing Berserker’s LegplatesSilvershell Legplates

Spaulders of Fanaticism

Atal’ai Serpentscale Girdle

Warbands of Sacrifice

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What are the key novelties introduced in Season of Discovery Phase 3?

Season of Discovery Phase 3 brings several exciting features, including a new 20-player raid, new discovery runes, profession improvements, and faster leveling. These additions aim to enhance the overall gameplay experience for players.

What can players expect from the new raid, Temple of Atal'Hakkar?

The Temple of Atal’Hakkar, also known as Sunken Temple, is the first of the new 20-player raids in Phase 3. With 8 challenging bosses and hundreds of new items and item sets, players can anticipate epic battles and lucrative rewards. Additionally, the raid introduces altered or newly created epic items, along with revamped quest chains and valuable class-specific rewards for reaching level 50.

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