BiS gear for Phase 3 Warrior in WoW Season of Discovery

BiS gear for Phase 3 Warrior in SoD

Below we present the best in slot gear for the Warrior Dps Build. Don’t forget that mining the best in-slot equipment for your own class in Season of Discovery Phase 3 is no small challenge, especially for a Rogue. But with FrostyBoost’s Season of Discovery gearing Boost you will never have to worry about that, because our professional gear boosters will help you get the best gear for your class in Season of Discovery Phase 3. Enjoy the game without grinding your BiS gear with SoD Gearing Boost.

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Helmet – Greathelm of the Nightmare (BiS Helmet for Warrior DPs. It gives a lot of Strength stats and 1% critical strike) or not bad alternative such as Fury Visor (also good Helmet with 1% hit rating that is also important for this class. It can be dropped in The Temple of Atal’Hakkar raid)

Neck – Bloodstained Charm of Valor (Best in Slot neck. It’s also dropped in Sunket Temple raid) or Resilience of the Exiled( also good item but with hit rating stat should be very good if you have lack of this statistic)

Shoulders – Shoulderplates of Dread (BiS Item. It can be made via Blacksmithing on last level skill of this profession with using these reagents:Nightmare Seed x10 and Inert Mantle of Nightmares) or quite good alternative with hit rating Spaulders of Fanaticism (can be dropped in new raid of Phase 3)

Cloak – Panther Fur Cloak (Best in slot cloak for warrior dps with agility and strength)

Chest – Wailing Berserker’s Chestplate (the BiS Chest. It’s a piece of the set with additional bonus and best stats. Can be also dropped in the raid)

Wrists – Berserker Bracers (Best in slot wrists for DPs Plate Classes without other variants. The item can be obtained by vendors in Ashenvale and The Barrens )

Hands – Corruption Laden Handguards or Disease-Ridden Plate Fists (2 the best in slot Hands. If you don’t have enough Hit Rating choose 2nd Gloves)

Waist – Atal’alarion’s Tusk Band (the BiS Waist in Phase 3 SoD for Warrior Dps Class)

Legs – Wailing Berserker’s Legplates (the BiS Item. It’s the 2nd piece of the set with additional bonus and best stats. Can be also dropped in the raid)

Feet – Wailing Berserker’s Battleboots (the BiS Item. It’s the 3rd last piece of the set with additional bonus and best stats. Can be also dropped in the same raid)

Fingers – Drakeclaw Band of the Berserker and Magni’s Will (is considered a best-in-slot rings for Warrior. This one finger item can be obtained in Blackrock Depths dungeon through completing the quest The Princess’s Surprise)

Trinkets – Rune of the Guard Captain (BiS trinket for all the melee dps classes including warrior as well. Can be got by completing the quest in The Hinterlands.)

Weapons –Tail of Eranikus (one of the best two-handed weapons for DPS warriors with a huge amount of Strength(42 str) and additional bonus damage) or also a good option for you is Chieftain’s Bane (with not much difference. Both the items are dropped in Sunken Temple)

Ranged weapon – Stinging Longbow(the best ranged weapon. It can be dropped in Sunken Temple Raid)

SoD Phase 3 Gear BiS Warrior

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