Pre-raid BiS List and Runes for Phase 3 Rogue in WoW SoD

Pre-raid BiS gear for Phase 2 DPs Rogue in SoD

Pre-raid BiS List and Runes for Phase 3 Rogue in WoW SoD

Below we present the best in slot gear for the Rogue – Dps specialization. Farming the Best in Slot gear for your class in Season of Discovery Phase 3 is no easy task especially for Rogue. But with assistance of FrostyBoost’s Season of Discovery gearing Boost. You won’t have to worry about anything therefore our professional boosters can handle all the hard work. Enjoy the game without grinding the BiS equipment by taking SoD Gearing Boost and level up your character to the perfection.

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Helmet – Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl (it’s BiS item. Additionally don’t forget about using this enhance Lesser Arcanum of Voracity that will give you 8 agility more – the main stat for Rogue Dps Class. You can get this item from the quest’s completion Libram of Voracity that requires in its turn following items: Black Diamond; Libram of Voracity; Whipper Root Tuber x4; Crystal Force also x4

Neck – Sentinel’s Medallion or Skibi’s Pendant ( with 13 agility, is also very good item for Rogue with best stats. You can get it while killing World NPCs in varies zones of SoD Realms, such as Tanaris, Maraudon and others)

Shoulders – Clouddrift Mantle or Phytoskin Spaulders (is also very good. You can put on since you get 46 lvl, it gives a lot of good stats. It can be dropped in zone of Maraudon by killing Razorlash)

Cloak – Blisterbane Wrap – Item (BiS) or you can choose this Blackveil Cape (that gives even more priority stat of Agillity for the current class. You can grind it in Blackrock Depths from High Interrogator Gerstah)

Chest – Blazewind Breastplate or Fungus Shroud Armor – Item (it gives even more agility to 25 instead of 23 without strength(not best stat for DPS Rogue. It can be also dropped in zone of Maraudon)

Wrists – Forest Stalker’s Bracers (it is Best in Slot item without better alternatives for Rogue)

Hands – Gloves of the Pathfinder or good alternative such as Nightfall Gloves ( you can get it from completing the quest in the dungeon Blackrock Depths Incendius!)

Waist – Girdle of Beastial Fury or Defiler’s Leather Girdle (you can get it in Arathi Basin for Honor Points)

Legs – Nimble Triprunner Dungarees (the BiS Item Legs and dont forget using the additional Enchant Lesser Arcanum of Voracity to get more AP)

Feet – Albino Crocscale Boots (it is best slot item) but if dont have it you can choose this option of Defiler’s Leather Boots with also good stats for Rogue

Fingers – Protector’s Band, Blackstone Ring. There are also various Finger items but these are the best ones;

Trinkets – Rune of the Guard Captain (BiS) and Gyromatic Experiment 420b – Item (can be dropped in Gnomeregan Raid of Phase 2 with good quantity of Attack Power)

Ranged Weapon – Precisely Calibrated Boomstick (the best ranged item for all who can put it on like warriors, hunters and others. You should also use enchant such as Sniper Scope – Item that increases damage)

Weapons – Main Hand: Gurubashi Backstabber (the BiS Slot item without Alternatives), Off hand: Sentinel’s Blade

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