WotLK Fishing profession boost
  • ETA: 1-2 days
  • Description: You will not waste a second of your time while our boosters will pump your fishing profession, get the necessary materials and craft from them so your toon gets the 450 Fishing skill.
  • Rules: Character level 80; Account sharing
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WotLK Fishing 1-450 profession boost and achieve all the Fishing rewards as promptly as possible

Fishing, as a secondary profession, is perfect for those who master the Cooking profession at the same time. You will be able to catch fish and immediately make dishes from it that will increase the characteristics of your character or the characters of your team. Fish is also a common and essential ingredient for some other professions, so you can sell fish you catch and earn extra gold. The very process of obtaining the Fishing profession is long and tedious, and therefore the WotLK Fishing profession boost will be very helpful for you. Do not waste your time searching for materials, crafting the necessary items, because you can immediately start fishing and use this profession and all its advantages in WoW Wrath of the Lich King!

Requirements for Fishing WotLK boost

Character level 80

Account sharing

How is Fishing WotLK boost provided?

  1. You pay for WoW WotLK fishing carry service
  2. After waiting for a message from our manager, please tell him the password and login from your account
  3. Our boosters instantly start 1-450 Fishing boost
  4. You get your character with 450 Fishing skill

Achieve the success in the Fishing profession with Frostyboost

If you understand that there is no point in spending mounts of your life on leveling up the fishing profession, then you will understand the full benefits of Fishing WotLK boost provided by our Frostyboost team. Together with us you will learn the profession of fishing in the fastest way and will be able to fish in all possible places in WoW WotLK. You will also get the opportunity to have mounts that can only be obtained through the fishing profession, collect unique items, all the necessary materials and start fishing as soon as possible! Buy Fishing WotLK boost service and become the best fisherman in WoW WotLK!

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What mounts can I get with the fishing profession?

You can get Sea Turtle, Giant Sewer Rat, Chuck’s Bucket and some other unusual mounts.

How long does Fishing WotLK boost take?

It will take us 7-14 days to complete the 1-450 fishing route.

How soon will you start Fishing WotLK boost?

After we receive payment, it will take approximately 15 minutes or more (depending on the time of day) for the boosters to start processing your order.

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