WotLK Death Knight leveling boost
  • ETA: 10-14 days Normal Boost, 8-9 days for express boost, and 4-7 days for super express
  • Description: By entrusting WotLK DK level boost to the most skillful players of our team, you will achieve DK toon with boosted 80 levels in just 10-14 days.
  • Rules: Active WoW account with WotLK expansion; Account sharing; DK at any level or one character level 58+
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Buy WotLK Death Knight 55-80 leveling boost

In WoW Lich King, you’ll get the opportunity to become a mighty and dangerous Death Knight. You can try yourself in a new class, and for this you’ll have to level up your DK to level 80. The good news is that its way begins at lvl 55. But despite this, the process of leveling itself remains painfully prolonged and tedious over time. However, here you can buy WotLK DK level boost. Be among the first to have a boosted Death Knight toon! There will most likely be a lot of people who want to become a DK so leveling will be harder. Don't miss your chance to do it faster and more enjoyable!

Requirements for Classic DK level boost

Active WoW account with WotLK expansion

Account sharing

DK at any level or one character level 58+

About Death Knight

With the release of the WotLK expansion, you will be able to create a new Death Knight in any WotLK world. The appearance of the Death Knight takes place in Ebon Hold. Their path begins immediately at level 55 with a basic set of equipment, after completing the initial DK campaign, you will get lvl 58 and fairly good equipment. In order to level up your DK toon, you will need to go on a long journey through the new WotLK zones. This journey can be truly exciting, but just as exhausting over time. The whole process will take a long time. To save you time and good mood from the anticipation of playing as Death Knight, buy WotLK DK leveling boost and just enjoy the new Death Knight character and its abilities.

Become the first with Frostyboost

Our Frostyboost team wants to do everything to make your journey through the updated WotLK more thrilling and easier. If you decide to try your hand at playing as Death Knight, we will support you in this and offer our help. Here, on Frostyboost website, you can buy DK boost at a cheap price, but the quality and results will please you. This is the very opportunity to become the first Death Knight among other players, immediately familiarize yourself with the abilities of this character and become better in the game for it. And with our help, you will do it faster than anyone else.

What is the best race in WotLK for a Death Knight?

If you are in the Horde faction, then trolls or Orcs will be especially good for the DK. This will help you deal good damage to opponents. If you’re playing for the Alliance, then the Human race will be the best choice. It will be the strongest of the races for PvP.

At what level does Death Knight leveling start?

DK leveling starts at level 55.

Why should I buy WotLK DK level boost?

Self-leveling can take you about a month, and with the help of our team’s boosters, it will take only 10-14 days for normal boost, and just a few days for super express option. PRO players are experienced and know how to level up quickly and very quality so you can enjoy the game sooner.

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