WotLK First-Aid profession boost
  • ETA: 1-2 days
  • Description: During the entire First Aid WotLK boost, our team's boosters will increase your First Aid skill and, in the end, you will get a profession with a maximum level of 450.
  • Rules: Character level 80; Account sharing
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WotLK First Aid 1-450 profession boost and heal your toon and its teammates

WoW WotLK First Aid profession will be very useful for those players whose class does not have healing skills, which are quite helpful in PvP battles. Once you reach level 450 in the First Aid profession, you will be able to create and use bandages that will restore the health of your character and its teammates by 967 health points over 8 seconds. This will be very useful to you in the arena. You will also be able to create anti-venom items and many other useful trinkets for more successful battles in WoW Wrath of the Lich King. Buy First Aid WotLK boost and master the First Aid profession quickly without wasting your energy and nerves. Save your time, and when you get the result of our carry service, start using your new and useful profession.

Requirements for First Aid WotLK boost

Character level 80

Account sharing

How do we provide First Aid WotLK boost service?

  1. First we wait for your payment.
  2. Our manager will contact you and you will need to provide access to your account.
  3. After logging into your account, the boosters will start pumping your WoW WotLK First Aid profession from level 1 to 450 or from any level that you already have.
  4. After reaching the maximum level of 450, we will return your account to you and you can start your First Aid activity.

Frostyboost offers you the perfect solution

Surely you do not want to spend time endlessly searching for the required materials, creating items and running around from trainer to trainer. Rather, you just want to get an already mastered profession and start creating truly worthwhile First Aid items. It is for this reason that First Aid WotLK boost will be a great solution for you. The most stubborn players of the Frostyboost team will level up your First Aid profession, achieve the desired results, and you will finally be able to try out all its advantages!

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Is it safe to buy First Aid WotLK boost?

Our team is a time-tested team. Our boosters are reliable players we trust. And to protect your account from a ban, we use the best protection programs. So it is safe.

What can I create with the First Aid profession?

You’ll be capable of creating quite helpful bandages and anti-venom items. For example, Heavy Frostweave Bandage, Powerful Anti-Venom, Frostweave Bandage.

What's the point of Heavy Frostweave Bandage?

It will restore your toon’s health by 967 health points over 8 seconds. It can be really useful to you and your teammates in the arena.

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