The best WoW WotLK Arena addons

The best WoW WotLK Arena addons

In WotLK arena, as in any other expansion, addons will be really popular. Addons help to increase your level of the game due to the fact that they can increase the reaction, move the necessary skills to the right place and make additional highlighting for better observation of your spell cooldowns. One way or another, addons help to increase the overall level of the game in and out of the arena. Therefore, in this guide, developed in collaboration with a fairly popular arena player (he did not want to reveal his identity) we will consider assembling the best addons. If you want to learn how to use these and other arena tricks, check out our wotlk arena boost, we provide arena coaching services, or account sharing arena boost, and much more

1. Gladdy

So the first and most popular addon in the game, without which it is almost impossible to do, is the Gladdy addon. This addon helps to customize the frames of opponents the way you want, increase and transfer it to different places, but that’s not all. This addon also shows a lot of useful things in the arena, such as diminishings, current controls on opponents, their current casts, targets, and much more. Gladdy addon is very flexible and it is so rich in functionality that you could only play with it. But there are still many interesting addons ahead, let’s look at them.

The best WoW WotLK Arena addons

2. sArena

This addon is similar in purpose to the Gladdy addon, but its functionality is much more modest. We would recommend this addon only to those players who are very used to the Blizzard interface, but at the same time who want to move, increase and see casts and diminishings on enemy frames. In sArena, you can choose any of 3 options for the appearance of the interface.

The best WoW WotLK Arena addons 006

3. OmniBar

The third and no less important addon is OmniBar. Its advantage is that in this addon, you can customize the display of enemy spells, such as kick, or for example hammer of justice, or mage block. OmniBar addon is also very flexible and easy to customize. You can see how easy this addon is to use by looking at the screenshot.

The best WoW WotLK Arena addons 005

4. BigDebuffs

BigDebuffs addon is very useful in that it shows key spells on your allies. It can be some kind of dot that your character can dispel or some kind of control, for example, fear, stun, and so on. The addon helps to draw your attention to what is happening with your teammate.

The best WoW WotLK Arena addons 004

5. OmniCD

Using this OmniCD addon, you will always see and know what burst skills or defensive spells your ally has. You will also be able to see what your opponent can press at any given second. If necessary, the addon can be customized, for example, you can add or remove the abilities you are interested in or increase / decrease the interface and change its position.

The best WoW WotLK Arena addons 002

6. GladiatorlosSA

GladiatorlosSA will become your personal voice assistant. We would especially recommend this addon to beginners, as the assistant will voice everything that the enemy does in the arena. If, for example, your opponent casts fear, the assistant will immediately announce this to you. The delay here is minimal, only 0.1 second. This way, you can always react and run away from the control. We sincerely recommend this addon to you!

7. Weakauras

Weakauras addon is the addon for advanced players. You can do almost anything with the help of this addon. Here you can set up any spell or any event. With Weakauras, you can track a certain cooldown of the enemy. You can track even the food in the opponent’s bag or reagents of any class, if you set it up correctly. There are tons of useful codes for this addon here! Just enter in the search which spell, ability or item you would like to track and we are sure you will find what you need there!

8. Plater nameplates

In conclusion of our WoW WotLK Arena Addons selection, we would like to tell you about another addon that allows you to more flexibly customize frames over characters. Thanks to the Plater nameplates you can change the design of the frame bars, make them big so you can see everything exactly. This can be useful for those who often lose their teammate or the enemy in the arena. You can, conversely, reduce the frame bar, which will be especially useful for those players who want to put an unobtrusive mark on a teammate or opponent. If necessary, you can turn on the frame only on an ally, or vice versa, only on the enemy. These and many other useful improvements you can get thanks to this addon.

The best WoW WotLK Arena addons 003

If you liked this guide about the best WoW WotLK Arena Addons, please rate it below and tell your friends about this guide. We wish you a pleasant game and hope that with the help of our addons selection your rating in the arena will only increase!

What are WoW WotLK Arena addons for?

Arena Addons can greatly improve your level of play. They can increase the reaction, move the necessary skills to the right place to make you as comfortable as possible in the game and much more.

Which addon is best for beginners?

We recommend GladiatorlosSA, because this addon voices all the actions of the enemy, so it will be very convenient for beginners to understand all the actions and quickly get used to the game!

How to choose the best addon for yourself?

In our WoW WotLK Arena addons Guide you can get acquainted with the main and most popular addons and with their mechanics. You will surely like some of them. You can also try each addon and see how comfortable it will be for you, whether it will help you in the game. Thus, you can choose the best one especially for you!

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