BiS gear for PvP and PvE Phase 1 Hunter in Classic Cataclysm

BiS gear for PvE Hunter in Cata Classic Phase 1

Helmet – Lightning-Charged Headguard (heroic Best-in-Slot Item)

Neck – Necklace of Strife (Best-in-Slot Item – cuz haste rating and Mastery stats are the most important stats for Hunter)

Shoulders –Spaulders of the Scarred Lady (Best-in-Slot Item if you have ⅘ pieces of set) or Lightning-Charged Spaulders

Cloak – Cloak of Biting Chill (Best-in-Slot Item 372 ilvl mastery stat is very important for MM Hunter)

Chest – Lightning-Charged Tunic (heroic Best-in-Slot Item)

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Hands – Lightning-Charged Gloves (heroic Best-in-Slot Item)

Waist – Coil of Ten-Thousand Screams (Heroic Best-in-Slot Item cuz of you obtain the most important stats)

Legs – Lightning-Charged Legguards (heroic Best-in-Slot Item)

Feet – Boots of Vertigo (heroic Best-in-Slot Item with must-have Hit Rating)

Wrists – Chimaeron Armguards (BiS cuz of 372 ilvl with Hit Rating)

Fingers – Lightning Conductor Band(for Hit Rating Cap) and Mistral Circle (mastery is more preferable for Hunter Heroic Ones are Best-in-Slot Items)

Trinkets – Essence of the Cyclone (the highest Hunter with Agility while using it in trinket’s proc) and Prestor’s Talisman of Machination (BiS Trinket for Hunter with Haste Rating chance for around 2.200 points) or DONTUSEUnheeded Warning

Weapons – Malevolence (best option for MM Spec Hunter with mastery)

Ranged Weapon – Themios the Darkbringer or Dragonheart Piercer

BiS gear for PvP and PvE Phase 1 Hunter in Classic Cataclysm

BiS gear for PvP for MM Hunter in Cataclysm

Helmet – Vicious Gladiator’s Chain Helm (BiS)

Neck – Vicious Gladiator’s Pendant of Conquest (Best-in-Slot Item depends on your cap resilience and Hit Rating) or with hit rating Neck

Shoulders – Vicious Gladiator’s Chain Spaulders (it is better than PvP one cuz of having the best stats for MM Hunter – crit and hit rating so it is Best-in-Slot Item)

Cloak – Vicious Gladiator’s Cloak of Conquests (BiS with hit rating)

Chest – Vicious Gladiator’s Chain Armor (Best-in-Slot Item)

Wrists – Vicious Gladiator’s Wristguards of Accuracy or another one (depends on your Hit rating cap – must-have 5% for Hunter)

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Hands – Vicious Gladiator’s Chain Gauntlets (Best-in-Slot Item)

Waist – Vicious Gladiator’s Links of Accuracy (Best-in-Slot Item)

Legs – Vicious Gladiator’s Chain Leggings (Best-in-Slot Item)

Feet – Vicious Gladiator’s Sabatons of Cruelty (Best-in-Slot Item)

Fingers – Vicious Gladiator’s Ring of Accuracy (for hit rating cap) and Vicious Gladiator’s Ring of Cruelty (for resil cap with crit rating Best-in-Slot Item)

Trinkets – Vicious Gladiator’s Badge of Conquest and Vicious Gladiator’s Medallion of Tenacity (must have trinket for Hunters because of not human race)

Weapons – Vicious Gladiator’s Pike (PvP items with resils 372 is good bet there is PvE Alternative for Hunter PvE Malevolence – BiS)

Ranged weapon – Vicious Gladiator’s Relic of Triumph

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