BiS gear for PvP and PvE Phase 1 Druid in Classic Cataclysm

BiS gear for PvE Druid in Cata Classic Phase 1

Discover the fulfillment of perfection in gear designed specifically for the DPS Feral Druid, carefully selected for successful play in WoW Cataclysm PvP and PvE stages. While collecting this top-notch gear may seem like a daunting task, our Cata Classic Gear Boost provides an easy solution. Our specialized boosters will take on the task of obtaining and equipping your character with the best gear in the slot, saving you the time and effort of purchasing individual items.

Helmet – Stormrider’s Headpiece (heroic Best-in-Slot Item)

Neck – Necklace of Strife (Best-in-Slot Item – cuz haste rating and Mastery stats are the most important stats for Druid)

Shoulders – Poison Protocol Pauldrons (Best-in-Slot Item if you have ⅘ pieces of set)

Cloak – Cloak of Biting Chill (Best-in-Slot Item 372 ilvl mastery stat is very important for Feral Druid)

Chest – Stormrider’s Raiment (heroic Best-in-Slot Item)

Hands – Stormrider’s Grips (heroic Best-in-Slot Item)

Waist – Parasitic Bands or Dispersing Belt (Heroic Best-in-Slot Item cuz of you obtain the most important stats)

Legs – Stormrider’s Legguards (heroic Best-in-Slot Item)

Feet – Storm Rider’s Boots (heroic Best-in-Slot Item with must-have Haste and Mastery Rating)

Wrists – Parasitic Bands (BiS cuz of 372 ilvl with Mastery rating)

Fingers – Lightning Conductor Band(for Hit Rating Cap) and Mistral Circle (mastery is more preferable for Druid Heroic Ones are Best-in-Slot Items)

Trinkets – Essence of the Cyclone(the highest Druid with Agility while using it in trinket’s proc) and Prestor’s Talisman of Machination (BiS Trinket for Druid with Haste Rating chance for around 2.200 points)

Weapons – Malevolence (best option for Feral Spec Druid with mastery)

Relic – Relic of Elune’s Shadow

BiS gear for PvP and PvE Phase 1 Druid in Classic Cataclysm

BiS gear for PvP for Feral Druid in Cataclysm

Helmet – Vicious Gladiator’s Dragonhide Helm (BiS)

Neck – Vicious Gladiator’s Pendant of Conquest(Best-in-Slot Item depends on your cap resilience and Hit Rating) or with hit rating Neck

Shoulders – Poison Protocol Pauldrons (it is better than PvP one cuz of having the best stats for Feral Druid – crit and hit rating so it is Best-in-Slot Item)

Cloak – Vicious Gladiator’s Cape of Prowess (mastery)

Chest – Vicious Gladiator’s Dragonhide Robes (Best-in-Slot Item)

Wrists – Vicious Gladiator’s Armwraps of Accuracy or another one (depends on your Hit rating cap – must-have 5% for Druid)

Hands – Vicious Gladiator’s Dragonhide Gloves (Best-in-Slot Item)

Waist – Vicious Gladiator’s Waistband of Cruelty (Best-in-Slot Item)

Legs – Vicious Gladiator’s Dragonhide Legguards (Best-in-Slot Item)

Feet – Storm Rider’s Boots (heroic PvE Best-in-Slot Item with must-have Mastery Rating)

Fingers – Vicious Gladiator’s Ring of Accuracy (for hit rating cap) and Vicious Gladiator’s Band of Triumph (for resil cap and Mastery Best-in-Slot Item)

Trinkets – Vicious Gladiator’s Badge of Conquest and Vicious Gladiator’s Medallion of Tenacity (must have trinket for druids because of not human race)

Weapons – Vicious Gladiator’s Pike (PvP items with resils 372 is good bet there is PvE Alternative for Druid with mastery Malevolence – BiS)

Relic – Vicious Gladiator’s Relic of Triumph

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