WoW Season of Mastery Leveling Boost

Are you looking for a high quality WoW Classic: Season of Mastery Leveling boost?
Then you’ve come to the right place! We will do it for you!

Experienced gamers of the Frostyboost platform will take on this tedious task and give you an already leveled up, powerful hero, ready to go to any dungeon, raid, arena you want.

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Buy WoW SoM Leveling Boost

How does it work?
How does it work?

Pilot (we control your character) – How does it work?

It is very easy to buy a character boost! First select a level and then additional services from the list below; finally make your payment. After that, the manager will contact you in discord to clarify the details of the order. The manager will assign the booster to fulfill your order. Lead times are counted from the moment your order is sent to the booster.

  • Normal boost – Your order will be completed with in 2 weeks from the date of payment for 1-60.
  • Express – 20% faster
  • Super Express – 40% faster.

The more characters you buy at a time, the higher the discount.
* The discount is valid with only one payment

How many characters would you like?
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Do you want Fast Boost?
Additional Services
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WoW Classic: Season of Mastery Leveling Boost
The Frostyboost team welcomes
you and would like to walk you through how your WoW Classic Season 0f Mastery leveling boost will go.

By purchasing WoW Classic Boost , you can save hundreds of hours: We strive not only to save you tedious efforts, but more importantly, save you time. Don’t spend your precious time leveling to 60, let us do it for you!

First, make sure you read the description of the power leveling product you are buying, most of your questions should be answered here!

What to do after payment?

After payment, you can contact us in our discord channel Frostyboost#6417 by sending us your order number and order details. We will then match you immediately with a booster.

When will you start leveling me up?

WoW Classic Leveling boost will start once your account is transferred to us. The boosting timeline starts from the moment the booster receives a code from you to log into your account (which will be sent to you via Blizzard on your email). Rest as sure that our boosters do not cheat or use bots. All boosts are done 100% by hand.

How can you secure my account?

All our boosters have a VPN as well as and program allowing them to change their unique ID; they can mirror your ID so that the game clients thinks it is you who is playing. This method is used for every boost with no exception to maximize the safety of your account.

Do I need something from me before starting the boost?

After the booster accepts the order, you will be asked to send a code that you will have received by mail so that the booster can log into your account. We then coordinate with you and the booster to see when he can do boosts your account without impacting your own log in times.

How do I know what level my character is at?

For normal boosts, you can ask us for status updates via our Discord messages.

For express and super express boosts, you will receive a daily status update on where your character is (level, quests, rank, etc).

Do not hesitate to contact our discord manager, we will always answer all your questions.

How will the booster increase my level?

Your booster will complete quest chains and do dungeons while boost leveling. There is also the possibility for them to complete key quests related to attunements, class quests. Ask us for more info!

I have a guild raid schedule, can I play on my account while leveling up?

We do not recommend doing this, but if you really need to go to a raid, then this point should definitely be discussed at the very beginning. Naturally, you cannot log into your account at the same time as the booster. We need + or – 24 hours of warning if you want to log into your account. This is necessary for the safety of your account. This delay might add time to your boost so please discuss all the details with the discord manager, we will do everything in the best possible way and according to your wishes.

Order a characters

If you cannot stay out of your account for all the boost time, it might be a better idea to use our “order a characters” service. We will get you the character you need (level, class, race, etc). To do this, we will need your Name and Surname, date of birth, Country and city of residence. All data is needed to create a new mail for you and a new account in Battle.net.

What is required of you:

1) Come up with a name for the character

2) Choose race, class and gender

3) If you need a specific character, we can send you a link to the wowhead model planer, where you can choose an exact copy of the character you want to create and we will make a character model of your choice.

To reduce the risk of ban, we recommend not to log in for 24 hours.

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