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Spectral Tiger - TCG Mount
  • Description: Buy Spectral Tiger from Frostyboost, the esteemed purveyor of gaming prowess. We present the chance to own the Reins of the Spectral Tiger at a price that befits its legendary status. With our safe and efficient services, you can become the happiest and most respected WoW player.
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Buy WoW Spectral Tiger and save your gold

Buy Spectral Tiger by Frostyboost and get this mount that is so rare, so prestigious, that it stands as a testament to the prowess of its owner in the WoW realm. Originating from the Trading Card Game expansion "Fires of Outland," this ethereal feline companion is not just a mount; it's a symbol of exclusivity, attainable only by the chosen few. To get this elusive companion, players needed to redeem a 25-digit code on the Promotion Page.

Alas, the once-open doors to the Spectral Tiger are now sealed. The codes are relics of a bygone era, making the Spectral Tiger an unattainable dream for many avid WoW enthusiasts. However, fear not! Frostyboost stands as a beacon, offering you the opportunity to buy this legendary mount for yourself.

Frostyboost, the esteemed purveyor of gaming prowess, presents the chance to buy the Reins of the Spectral Tiger at a price that befits its legendary status. With our services, you can traverse Azeroth atop this rare ghostly cat, leaving other players in awe of your unparalleled mount collection.

Why Choose Frostyboost?

Reliability: Our services are rooted in reliability, ensuring that you receive your Spectral Tiger mount without a hitch.

Security: Your gaming account's safety is our priority. Our processes are designed to guarantee a secure transaction, leaving you worry-free.

Professionalism: At Frostyboost, we understand the value of professionalism. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a seamless experience, from purchase to delivery.

Competitive Pricing: We offer the Reins of the Spectral Tiger at a price that respects its rarity, making it an investment worth every gold piece.


  • EU & US server
  • Access to Account
  • Any Char Level

How It Works

  1. Visit Frostyboost: Navigate to our website and locate the Spectral Tiger mount in our offerings.
  2. Buy: Select the Spectral Tiger, complete the purchase process, and provide the necessary details.
  3. Sit Back: Relax as our team swiftly processes your request, ensuring a seamless transfer of the Spectral Tiger to your WoW account. Become the 2%: Own the Spectral Tiger Today!

Less than 2% of WoW players can boast the ownership of this coveted mount. Now, with Frostyboost, you can join this exclusive club and make the Spectral Tiger a majestic addition to your collection. Embark on a journey through Azeroth – atop the ghostly grace of the Reins of the Spectral Tiger!

How rare is the Spectral Tiger, and why is it considered prestigious?

It is an exceptionally rare mount, with less than 2% of players possessing this majestic creature. Its prestige stems from its origin as a Trading Card Game (TCG) item, specifically from the Fires of Outland expansion.

Why can't players obtain the Spectral Tiger through regular in-game means, and how does Frostyboost offer it?

The Spectral Tiger is no longer obtainable through traditional in-game methods, as the 25-digit codes required for redemption are no longer accessible. However, Frostyboost offers a solution by providing players with the opportunity to buy the Spectral Tiger mount directly from us. We offer the Spectral Tiger for sale. Our professional and secure services ensure a smooth and risk-free transaction, allowing players to enjoy this rare mount without the constraints of its original acquisition method.

Is it safe for my account, and how does the process work?

Yes, purchasing the Spectral Tiger from Frostyboost is a safe and secure process. Our team prioritizes the security of your WoW account, and our professional approach guarantees a worry-free transaction. The process involves visiting our website, selecting the Spectral Tiger mount, completing the purchase, and providing the necessary details. Once the transaction is complete, our team ensures a swift and secure transfer of the Spectral Tiger to your WoW account, allowing you to enjoy your new mount with peace of mind.

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