WotLK Oculus Boost
  • ETA: 2-3 hours
  • Description: It is the promptest way to run the Oculus dungeon, get the Heroic Achievement, collect high level loot and get rare Oculus dungeon items.
  • Rules: Normal Mode: Character level 79; Heroic Mode: Character level 80; WoW account with WotLK expansion 
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WotLK Oculus Boost and receive a prompt and full Oculus Dungeon run

The Oculus is a floating tower where the Blue dragonflight race lives. However, in order to get to your goal, you cannot use your mount, because you can only move here through portals. Here you are expected to fight with 4 bosses, the most important and powerful of which will be Ley-Guardian Eregos. Both in normal mode, and even more so in heroic, good game skills, speed and agility will be required here. Who else but the most experienced boosters of the Frostyboost team will help you to get through The Oculus Dungeon in the best possible way? And indeed it is. By purchasing WoW WotLK Oculus Boost, you will receive a prompt and full Oculus Dungeon run, excellent WotLK loot and other heroic achievements (only if you choose to complete the dungeon in heroic mode, of course). Go through the Oculus Dungeon with experienced players and enjoy every minute of your journey!


For those who chose Normal Mode: Character level 79

For those who chose Heroic Mode: Character level 80

WoW account with WotLK expansion

Service Progress

  1. If you decide to buy Oculus Boost, add this boost service to your cart and pay for the service.
  2. We will see your order and contact you. We will specify the time at which you can run the dungeon.
  3. Having picked up a team of boosters, we will connect you with them and you can start your journey in the Oculus Dungeon.
  4. Once you complete the Oculus Dungeon and get the corresponding achievements, the boost service will be considered completed.

Run the Oculus easily with Frostyboost

With the Frostyboost team, you can visit the Oculus and complete all of its challenges in just a matter of hours. Do not waste your nerves on your own completing high-level Oculus dungeons, but rather run them easily, quickly and with pleasure. You can also run the Oculus Dungeon fast and exciting even in heroic mode! And we will help you with this!

How long will the Oculus Boost take?

Together with our boosters you will complete it in about 2 or 3 hours.

How many bosses are in the Oculus Dungeon?

There are 4 bosses waiting for you.

How can I find the Oculus in WotLK?

The Oculus is located in Northrend, in the Borean Tundra. You can get to the Oculus using the Legion Dalaran healthstone and your faction’s portal to your capital. From the capital, use the Crystalsong Dalaran portal, and from there you can fly to the Oculus on your mount. This path is suitable for moving from anywhere except Northrend.

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