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Pre-Order New World Boost

  • Description: It is very easy to pre-order leveling in the New World game. Add us to the discord Frostyboost#6417 or write to the live chat about the desire to buy a pre-order. We will ask you to name your discord and email to add you to our database. As soon as the pre-order sale begins, we will contact you.
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New World Boost

New World is a novelty on the game market, although the release is scheduled for August 31, 2021, beta testers have already played it and know all the changes made to the game throughout the development time. Our team has testers, so leveling your character is already familiar to us. The maximum level is 60, which can be reached with 5 hours of play per day in about 40 days. Long time, isn't it? It will not be possible to level faster by simply killing NPC and bosses, but you will have to complete both main and side quest lines. Buying New World boost will save you a lot of time.
The game has 12 types of weapons, each of which can be pumped and used, while becoming a healer, caster, or tank. 17 professions, each of which can be pumped without any restrictions. Great PVE, PVP and PVA content, for which they give many interesting rewards.
All this takes a huge amount of time. The Frostyboost team, which has many players of various kinds of games, will help you with any task. Write to us on discord Frostyboost#6417 or live chat and CARVE YOUR DESTINY.

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