Dragonflight Ruby Life Pools Boost

Dragonflight Ruby Life Pools Boost
  • Description: Together with our unsurpassed boosters, you will run the first Dragonflight Ruby Life Pools dungeon. Having boldly passed all the obstacles and defeated the three bosses of the dungeon, you can get a high-level gear and a pre-raid gear!
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Buy WoW Dragonflight Ruby Life Pools Boost to reach the finest gear for your Dragonflight Mythic+ Season

Dragonflight expansion has prepared several new dungeons for players who love the PvE segment. It is very interesting to find out what is there and what journeys await the players this time. Ruby Life Pools is a sacred place. It was created for the protection and prosperity of the dragonkind. However, Raszageth and his supporters wanted to use this place for their own selfish purposes. And we need to stop it! By boldly passing all the obstacles and defeating the three bosses of this dungeon, players will show what they are capable of and protect the dragons. They will also receive a valuable 372-405 ilvl gear and the opportunity to get a pre-raid gear! Your actions will be not only noble, but also very beneficial for your future in the Dragonflight Mythic+ Season. However, for the most prosperous outcome in this dungeon, players, of course, will need excellent gaming skills and strategies. And all this requires experience. And we are ready to provide you with experience, skills and winning strategies. Our boosters are the best in this field, so completing this dungeon with them is the best solution!


Character level 70

WoW account with Dragonflight expansion

How do we work

  1. Choose a carry service and pay for it.
  2. Next, our manager will contact you to discuss the details of your order and agree on the start time of the boost.
  3. We will assemble a team of suitable boosters and be ready to start the dungeon run.
  4. By defeating the bosses, we will be able to loot the gear for your character and then the boost will be completed. Good luck in your next game!

Completing the Ruby Life Pools dungeon with the players of our team is really a great solution. Only in this way you will be able not only to receive honorary rewards, gear and loot, but also to enjoy the game and the new Dragonflight Mythic+ season to the fullest!

How long will the DF Ruby Life Pools Boost last?

In time, this carry-on service will take about one hour.

How many bosses will there be in Ruby Life Pools dungeon?

There will be three bosses here.

How can I get into the Ruby Life Pools dungeon?

The dungeon is located on the Dragon Isles, in the southern part of Walking Shores.

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