Dragonflight Mining Profession Boost
  • ETA: 1-2 days
  • Description: Fast and experienced boosters of our team will quickly and easily reach the maximum level in the Mining Profession especially for you!
  • Rules: The maximum character level in the WoW expansion in which you want to level the Mining Skill; Active WoW account with chosen expansion; Account sharing
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WoW Mining Profession Boost and reach the max level in the shortest time

The Mining profession will be of great benefit to all those who also develop any crafting profession, such as Engineering or Blacksmithing. The mastered Mining Skill will allow you to collect ore and stones, smelt it all into metal bars and use everything you created in your other profession. The process of mastering a profession is quite long and not always easy, so we are ready to help you quickly and easily get the profession you want. Our boosters, having knowledge and guides, will reach the maximum level of the profession you need in a very short time!

Why should you choose us

It's safe with us. Using the VPN of your country and some other programs, we will try to keep your account completely secure. The risk of getting banned is minimal.

Our WoW boost services are always of high quality. We fulfill all orders on time and always achieve the result that you wanted. Here you will not encounter order cancellations and non-results, but you will see only the best results.

Boosters are always looking to complete orders quickly. Whatever your order, we are constantly working on it and doing everything so that you get the result as quickly as possible.

We keep prices affordable and low. And this does not affect the quality of the services we provide.

At any time of the day or night, you can write to us, ask all your questions and get support and assistance.

Way it works

  1. Select the boost service you want to receive, move it to the cart and pay for the order.
  2. Tell our manager the password and login to enter your account.
  3. Our boosters will start fulfilling your order as soon as possible.
  4. Having reached the desired result, we will notify you, return your account to you and the boost service will be completed.


The maximum character level in the WoW expansion in which you want to level the Mining skill

Active WoW account with chosen expansion

Account sharing

Play without worries with Frostyboost

Enjoy the game and don't waste your time improving your profession level. We will do everything for you, and you enjoy the game without worries and difficulties!

What is the duration of Mining Boost?

The duration of this boost is about five hours.

Can I earn gold with the mining profession?

By selling the stones and ore you have collected, you can earn gold.

Is it safe?

We use all the necessary programs to ensure your safety.

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