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  • Description: Need Bloody Tokens but don't have time to earn them yourself? It's not a problem. Here you can order the boost service and get the amount of Bloody Tokens you need. We will quickly get them for you!
  • Eta: 12-24 hours
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Buy WoW Bloody Tokens Farm and get the opportunity to buy new gear

In the Dragonflight season, we met a lot of new things. So, for example, there was also a new PvP currency called Bloody Tokens. You can get it by fighting on the Dragon Isles in Warmode. Since this is a PvP currency, it will be possible to spend it on purchasing a new 408 ilvl PvP gear. To start the new Dragonflight PvP season, this is a very good gear and it will surely come in handy. Getting Bloody Tokens will not be very difficult, but it will definitely take a lot of time. Not everyone has it. And we are free for you! Write to us how many tokens you need and we will reach the amount of Bloody Tokens you need as soon as possible!

Why should you choose us

We have a lot of experience. Thanks to this, we know how to make the client satisfied with the boost service purchased from us.
We have competent boosters in our team. They will complete your order on time and will certainly achieve the desired result. We don't doubt it. The main thing is to set a goal.
Our approach to ensuring the security of your account is very responsible. When fulfilling an order, boosters always use VPN and some other programs.
We understand that sometimes it is difficult to trust, so you can look at reviews about our team and write to us personally. We will do our best to convince you of our integrity and quality.

Way it works

  1. Pay for the order in any way convenient for you.
  2. Wait for the news from our manager. As soon as our manager writes to you, kindly share the necessary information so that the booster can log into your account.
  3. We will choose the most suitable and free booster that will start farming Bloody Tokens.
  4. As soon as the number of tokens you need is reached, we will return your account to you.


Character level 70

WoW account with Dragonflight expansion

Unlocked quests

Farming Bloody Tokens is not something you want to spend time on. There are much more interesting things in the Dragonflight season. So leave this farm to our boosters. They will do everything you need promptly and efficiently, and later you can return to the game and spend the earned Bloody Tokens on the items you want with pleasure.

How long will Bloody Token's farm take?

It depends on how many tokens you need. You can earn 600 tokens per day. And then you can calculate yourself.

What are Bloody Tokens for?

They will be useful to you to buy various PvP items.

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