WotLK Alliance Vanguard Rep boost
  • ETA: 4-5 days
  • Description: The most skilled boosters will increase your reputation level with the desired faction, and you will save your strength for the next achievements.
  • Rules: Character level 80
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WotLK Alliance Vanguard Rep Boost and receive what you want

When joining the Alliance Vanguard faction in WotLK Classic, the players will have to increase their rep lvl. Thanks to that you can receive incredibly valuable for anyone who develops the engineering profession, Engineering Schematic: Mekgineer's Chopper. You can also get equipment of excellent quality. There is something to try for, right? Increasing reputation in Alliance Vanguard is hard and time consuming. Especially if you want to have an exalted reputation. To receive valuable Alliance Vanguard rewards, you will have to complete quests and dungeons of level 80 or dungeons in heroic mode. This will take a lot of your energy. Alliance Vanguard Rep Boost provided by the Frostyboost team will be your salvation. Experienced PRO boosters will cope with all the difficulties faster, and you’ll receive Alliance Vanguard achievements and rewards you want.


A character belonging to the Alliance faction

Character level 80

Account sharing

WoW WotLK subscription

How do we work?

  1. Select the boosting service you want to buy on our website and pay for it, please.
  2. Share your account details with our manager.
  3. Our PRO player will begin to perform the boosting service you want.
  4. You get the desired level of reputation and achievements.

The speed of the boost

Depending on how quickly you want to get this or that reputation, you can choose the speed of providing the Alliance Vanguard Rep service.


Your order will take its place in the queue and the boosters will start fulfilling it as soon as they finish previous orders.


Your order will become a higher priority and you will receive the completed order approximately 30% earlier.

Super Express

These are top priority orders. Boosters immediately begin to fulfill your order and you will receive it super quickly

Get superior achievements with Frostyboost

Buy WotLK Alliance Vanguard Rep Boost and save yourself the tedium of wandering through the WotLK dungeons! Better get the achievements and enjoy their benefits!

Is it safe?

Yes, because we use programs to protect your account from being banned.

How long does Alliance Vanguard Rep boost take?

It usually takes approximately 4 days.

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