WoW WotLK professions guides

Why do players need professions in WoW WotLK?

Players will find a large number of interesting and useful professions in WoW Wrath of the Lich King. WoW WotLK professions are an opportunity for players to focus on any skill and develop it in the game. Professions allow players to create and improve items that will later be used in the game for fighting other players and teams. These improved items can make a big difference in how the game plays out. In addition, items created or obtained due to the fact that your character has a particular profession can be sold to other players and thus earn in-game money. The most important thing you can do with your character’s high profession level is improving your character’s stats. WoW WotLK professions are an opportunity to make your character stronger and more dangerous. You can create new equipment or enchant it for more successful combat, or create jewelry with epic quality gems. All this will help you in the game and will make your character truly unique and invincible.

The benefits of having a profession in WoW Wotlk Classic

WoW wotlk professions give characters special benefits. Professions give characters special additional abilities. Some professions, for example, allow you to restore the character’s health by a certain number of health units. Others increase a character’s stamina or critical effect rating. With the development of professions and the achievement of higher levels of the profession, the effects become many times larger and more noticeable. Professions can be developed through practice and training. In the course of working on improving the level of the profession, the player character will also receive new levels of skills, thus increasing his mastery in the studied profession.

Are there any disadvantages of WoW WotLK professions?

WoW wotlk professions are really an interesting element of the game. However, there are also some disadvantages here.

First of all, the number of professions that a character can have is limited. The player character can only have two professions. It can be professions that are most interesting or suitable for the player’s class. He can also come up with the perfect combination of a profession with the class he plays for, create the perfect combination of one of his professions with another, and thanks to this, he can create truly impressive armors for himself and achieve success in the game. The players can learn to master their skills and professions perfectly. However, the choice of profession must be approached consciously, because the choice is limited.

If the player decides to change profession, he can do it without any difficulty, but this leads to the second disadvantage. When the player change one profession to another, all the results in mastering the original profession disappear. No matter how good the players are in the profession they originally chose, when they change one profession to another, all ranks and skill points are reset to 1.

We can conclude that the choice of a profession in WoW wotlk should be approached with all responsibility. A character can choose only two professions. These can be professions that arouse genuine interest in the player, or professions that will perfectly fit with the character’s class. Both will allow you to have fun and create something useful and special. However, if you decide to change your profession, be ready to start your professional journey from the very first step. The choice is yours.


WoW WotLK professions

The player can train his character in absolutely any profession. The choice of profession does not depend on the race of the character, nor on the class, nor on the side that he occupies. However, some classes are better combined with certain professions.

Wotlk Alchemy

Alchemy in WoW Wotlk is a profession that allows the character player to create various potions, poisons and elixirs. Using self-made potions, the character will be able to experience some of their pleasant effects. For example, a character will be able to fight more productively in battle if he has created a battle elixir for himself, or he will be able to be protected on the battlefield if he has a guard elixir. There are also potions that give players temporary improvements, for example, Nature Protection Potion. What kind of a pair profession can Alchemy have? The profession of alchemy is best combined with herbalism. Thanks to herbalism, the player will be able to get herbs useful for alchemy. This will allow you to use your own purchased herbs for making potions, elixirs, etc.

Wotlk Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing is considered one of the main professions in WoW Wotlk. Having mastered this profession, the character will be able to create a variety of items from any type of metal. Blacksmithing is the ability to create weapons, armor for battles, or items designed for completely different purposes. For example, master keys for unlocking chests and doors or a wand for enchanting. The main activity of blacksmiths is the creation of plate armor. Accordingly, blacksmithing is more suitable for death knights, warriors, all in all for those classes that mainly use plate armor for their characters. The best combination with blacksmithing is mining profession. This will allow the character to mine ores and rare minerals to make armor.

Wotlk Cooking

Cooking in WoW Wotlk is a profession that allows characters to create food. The food prepared thanks to this profession allows you to improve the characteristics of the character, restore health and mana between fights. However, in order to cook food, you need to look for ingredients throughout Azeroth. This profession is not tied to any particular class, and therefore a character belonging to absolutely any race, class and side can choose it. You can increase the level of cooking through the use of recipes. Recipes can be obtained from a cooking teacher or at an auction. Along with cooking, it is logical to improve the Fishing profession. Fishing will allow you to get fish, which in turn is an important ingredient in some recipes.

Wotlk Enchanting

Another important profession in WoW Wotlk is Enchanting. This profession is in high demand in WoW Classic. Enchanters themselves do not create items as characters who have other professions do, but they can improve them. At high levels of the profession and the game in general, enchanter improvements are quite useful. To level up in the Enchanting profession, a fairly large number of different items are required. You can buy everything you need, for example, at an auction. Many items are obtained through the destruction skill, which is acquired along with the Enchanting profession. This profession is best developed along with tailoring profession. If you develop these two professions at the same time, the character with the help of special spells will be able to improve things created through tailoring.

Wotlk First Aid

First Aid profession is a profession that gives players the ability to heal themselves. Characters with this profession are able to create bandages and anti-venoms to help the character heal. If your character is poisoned with negative effects, the anti-venom you prepare will help you heal yourself. You can also offer help to other players. You can create bandages from various types of cloths. The higher the level of cloth, the more effective the healing of bandages. If you have just started your journey in vanilla WoW Wotlk, and your character does not have the ability to self-heal, then the First Aid profession can help you significantly develop your character.

Wotlk Herbalism

Herbalism is a gathering profession in WoW Wotlk. Most often, this profession is an additional one to any main profession. The herbs that the character has collected will be great to use in professions such as Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Cooking, Tailoring. Herbs improve the properties of created items and are used to create potions and elixirs. Having decided to start the development of this profession, the character will be able to see the location of any types of herbs on the mini-map and collect them throughout Azeroth.

Wotlk Inscription

Inscription is the main profession in WoW Wotlk. The Inscription profession gives players the ability to craft a variety of special items used to enhance some ability. These special items are called glyphs. Inscribers are also able to create scrolls and enchantments that improve the characteristics of players. Another property of the inscribers is the creation of a map of the Darkmoon Card. Darkmoon cards can be used to create powerful accessories and gain reputation from the Darkmoon Faire. The Inscription profession will pair well with the Herbalism profession, because herbs are needed to create special ink. This will create enchanted parchments.

Wotlk Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting is considered a very important and necessary profession. By developing the jewelcrafting profession, the character player will be able to craft gems. Stones created by a jeweler can significantly improve the character’s stats in the game. Gems improve the character’s equipment, armor, and general stats. In addition, the wotlk jewelcrafting profession contributes to the creation of a huge number of accessories: rings, necklaces, figurines. The most important feature is the creation of gems. There are also enhanced gems that improve character’s stats significantly more than regular gems.

Wotlk Leatherworking

The profession of Leatherworking is the creation of any kind of equipment from leather. The leather worker makes not only leather and mail armor, but also cloaks, quivers, and armor kits. Mastering this profession will be useful for those players who wear leather and mail as armor. These are hunters, druids, shamans, rogues. As a couple profession, the skinning profession is well suited. By harvesting a skin on your own, a character learning the leatherworking profession will be able to immediately start crafting an item out of leather.

Wotlk Mining

Mining in WoW Wotlk is a profession associated with the extraction of various stones, ores, minerals, gems. All this is mined in the vastness of all of Azeroth. The first thing a player of a character who decides to go into mining will need is a mining pick. You can buy it from any merchant. Those who own this profession are shown the location of mineral deposits. Blacksmithing can be considered a pair profession. By extracting ore and stones, you can use them in the future for smelting metals. This will allow you to form metal bullion.

Wotlk Skinning

This profession is used for the extraction of leather. In order to engage in skin mining, it is necessary to remove the skin from the corpse of a dead creature. Basically, this profession is needed in order for the leatherworking profession to develop. The skinning profession allows you to get materials for leatherworking. For this reason, these two professions are considered the perfect complement to each other. In order to get started, it is worth getting a special knife. In addition to skin, a character can receive scales, shells, and any additional items. All this is used to create armor or patches.

Wotlk Tailoring

The profession of tailoring is a profession associated with the manufacture of clothing. The tailoring character player will be able to craft cloth clothing, armor, bags, and more. For the manufacture of all this, only cloth is required. Cloth is usually obtained from the corpses of humanoids. Tailoring is one of the few professions that does not have any obvious connection with other professions. So, tailoring profession can be developed by mages, warlocks and all those who wear cloth armor. Often tailoring is pumped with enchanting. These professions are used together, mainly in order to earn money at auctions. However, this combination of professions can significantly increase the level in the profession of enchanting.

Your choice of profession

Wow Wotlk Professions are very manifold. This is a huge field for choice and various activities. You can choose a profession based on the personal interests, desires and goals of the player or you can choose a profession based on the logic and compatibility of the profession with the character’s game class. Developing and mastering any profession can be a very exciting process. In addition to the fact that the path of development of the profession is very interesting, it is also useful. The professions you have chosen will help you improve your character’s stats, create strong and powerful equipment, and create useful items that can be of great help during battles with other players. The choice of profession is only yours, and we wish you the right choice and the most exciting path!


What professions are the most useful?

It depends on a class you are playing for. For example, death knights, warriors, all in all those classes that mainly use plate armor for their characters should choose blacksmithing. The main activity of blacksmiths is the creation of plate armor.

What profession will help me to earn more money?

The most profitable professions are herbalism, skinning, and mining. By mining items related to these professions, you will successfully be able to sell them, for example, at an auction.

What is the maximum number of professions that I can have?

The number of professions that a character can have is limited. The player character can only have two professions. You can choose only two professions that are most interesting or suitable for your class.

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