PvP Holy Paladin Guide WoTLK Classic

1. Introduction: engaging history of the Paladin class;

PvP Holy Paladin Guide WoTLK Classic 1

Paladins are sacred heroes in shining armor. Their mission in this world is to cast out evil, to bring faith, to heal those in need They believe in the light, and it empowers them. A paladin will never turn his back on someone in distress. They bring peace and order. In any battle, a paladin is always at the center of the battle. Heavy armor weakens blows, and weapons enhanced with the power of light deal great damage. Paladins can heal the wounded soldiers, and even resurrect them to life.

The current PvP guide for the Paladin with “Holy” specialization is relevant for the Wrath of the Lich King Classic version of the game. In this guide we will describe for you how to play as Paladin through the arena and other battlefields, how to choose your talents, characters, enchantments, and how to choose the optimal gameplay and team setup.

2. Choice of race for Holypal 3.4+ PvP;

PvP Holy Paladin Guide WoTLK Classic 10

Most often, a newcomer to WotLK Classic will choose a race based on external tastes. Not all classes are suitable for PvP play, and we’ll help you decide on a character. Let’s look at the most suitable races for Holy Paladin class.

Horde. Blood Elf is one of the best and united races of the Horde, whose main racial ability is silence Arcane Torrent. It’s great for supporting a manapool. You can also use it to interrupt any enemy cast, whether it’s Mage’s Sheep or Druid’s Cyclone. Magic Flow’s efficiency will increase along with your mana growth. Blood Elves are a really powerful choice for Holy Paladin in WotLK Classic.

Alliance. A Human is definitely the best PvP race for most classes in WoTLK Classic not only for Paladins. Due to the ability for additional PvE trink, allowing for effective overall stats. The human’s main PvP trinket will be in the type of an abillity offering the similar cooldown as the PvP trinket Will to Survive. The only thing it won’t provide is the bonus to resilience. So it’s worth going to humans just because you can have two PvE trinkets with no loss of anti-control – that’s a pretty compelling argument

3. Most effective talents and glyphs in WotLK;

There are some of the most popular builds amongst the powerful PvP paladins of the light. But many experienced players believe that the best build is the one that was created through trial and error. In this guide I am going to offer the best possible build. In this option build will be both suitable for beginners who haven’t yet put on decent equipment and for those who already have a great set of PvP equipment which makes the challenge for the other classes.
In case this link does not load for you, I will include an image below:

PvP Holy Paladin Guide WoTLK Classic 9


Major Glyphs:

PvP Holy Paladin Guide WoTLK Classic 8

Minor Glyphs:

4. Statistical Priorities for Hpal;

The following stats will be arranged in order of greatest importance to Holy Paladin PvP, i.e. in ascending order from highest to lowest:

-Resilience 900+ (Basically, in a Warlock+Holy Paladin or ElemShammy + Holy Paladin comps, you can put on some PvE items and afford to have around 800 resilience)
– Spell Power (the most significant statistic in both the PvE and PvP aspects, greatly increasing the effectiveness of your spells.)

-Intellect (the stat is unique to casters: it increases critical strike chance, mana regeneration and manapool)

-MP5 (it is an indicator that provides Paladin with mana regeneration. This is very important due to the factor that you will be spamming with spells)

-Crit Rating ( A stat that converts your regular healing spells, for example Holy Shock into large and mighty healing abilities that may save either your teammates or yourselves. )

-Haste (very important stat in 3×3, 5×5 brackets)

– Spell Penetration (pointless stat because WotLK classes have no resistance against light magic)

– Hit Rating (useless for Holy Paladin.

5. Best professions for PvP Holy Paladin;

Each profession in WoTLK Classic has its own specific advantages and merits. Of course, you can select any of the professions that you like best, but that’s not a very wise decision. If additional power-ups are important to you, it’s better to choose a profession thoughtfully. In my opinion, the best choice for PvP Holy Paladin are:

PvP Holy Paladin Guide WoTLK Classic 7

Jewelcrafting –Hpals in PvP definitely require maximising their most important stats, and this is where you can put three exclusive gems with 34 units to your Spell Power and Resilience.

Engineering – is really good support profession for almost every arena setup. 340 Haste for 12 seconds bonus is great especially for the Holy Paladin in each season of the WoTLK arena. You can also use Hand Mounted pyro Rocket that deals 1650-2000 fire damage.

6. Top PvP Hpal Gear of current (6th) WoTLK season;

Lay out the items of equipment according to the in-game order of WoW

Helmet – Furious Gladiator’s Ornamented Headcover

Neck – Furious Gladiator’s Pendant of Salvation

Shoulder – Furious Gladiator’s Ornamented Spaulders

Back – Furious Gladiator’s Cloak of Dominance

Chest – Furious Gladiator’s Ornamented Chestguard

Wrist – Furious Gladiator’s Bracers of Salvation

Hands – Furious Gladiator’s Ornamented Gloves

Waist – Furious Gladiator’s Girdle of Salvation

Legs – Furious Gladiator’s Ornamented Legplates

Feet – Furious Gladiator’s Greaves of Salvation

Fingers – 1) Starshine Circle
2) Fire Orchid Signet

Trinkets – Show of Faith + Sif’s Remembrance (2nd trinket for human); Medallion of the Horde (2nd trinket for blood elf)

Weapon – Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings or PvP mace with resilience

Shield – Wisdom’s Hold or Furious Gladiator’s Redoubt

Libram – Furious Gladiator’s Libram of Justice

7. The most relevant gems and enhancements for Hpal in WotLK;

Red SocketDurable Monarch Topaz

Orange SocketMystic Autumn’s Glow (or 34 if your choice is jewecrafting profession)

Blue SocketOpaque Forest Emerald

Meta SocketInsightful Earthsiege Diamond

Head – Arcanum of Dominance

Shoulder – Inscription of Dominance

Cloak – Enchant Cloak – Greater Speed

Chest – Enchant Chest – Exceptional Resilience

Wrist – Enchant Bracers – Superior Spellpower

Hands – Hyperspeed Accelerators or Enchant Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower

Legs – Earthen Leg Armor (Depends on your resilience)

Feet – Enchant Boots – Tuskarr’s Vitality

Weapon – Enchant Weapon – Mighty Spellpower

Shield – Enchant Shield – Greater Intellect or Enchant Shield – Resilience

In summary, you should get approximately the following stats:

PvP Holy Paladin Guide WoTLK Classic 5

8. Brief review of the Holy Paladin’s main abilities;

The Holy Paladin in WotLK has excellent auxiliary abilities that should be used whenever possible. An experienced gamer as this class can always find an answer to any enemy action in his arsenal.

PvP Holy Paladin Guide WoTLK Classic 4

Holy Shock – applies instantly, replenishes a large amount of health. Shock is used in PvP on cooldown and provides most of the healing. It should be noted actively consumes mana. Try to swap it for a non-instant spell if the situation allows.
Flash of Light – short and inexpensive spell that restores some health. Flash of Light can be recited time after time – it’s so fast that opponents rarely have time to interrupt it.
Cleanse one of the strongest dispelling abilities in Wot:LK Classic. It relieves the target of a single magical effect, poison and sickness and it also provides a huge advantage in PvP. Place the ability on a panel or tie it to a convenient key to remove harmful effects from teammates as quickly as necessary.
Beacon of Light – A really distinctive spell in its mechanics, which is one of his key advantages as a healer. A character with Beacon restores himself 100% of the amount of healing coming from you to any other character within 60 metres. That way you can double your HpC, which is great for sure.
Righteous Fury – try to keep this spell on your character at all times, since it reduces the amount of damage you receive.
Hammer of Justice – HoJ is the only Holy Paladin control. It works in melee range, stunning the target.
Sacred Shield – An excellent defensive ability that rivals the shields of priests, which also has an interesting mechanic: you place a buff on the target that lasts for 60 seconds, and the next time the target takes damage, it puts on a shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage. Try to keep this spell on the target in the arena at all times.
Hand of Sacrifice and Divine Sacrifice – try to use these spells wisely, e.g. HoF is cast at the very end of a sheep or Blind cast to break control and keep your CD intact.
Hand of Freedom – frees the target from the effects of deceleration and restraint. It must be remembered this cast is a magic effect and can be stolen or dispelled.
Hand of Protection – Places a shield on the teammate that gives invulnerability to physical damage and physical capabilities. Use to counter physical damage and stun (e.g. from Kidney, Blind, physical disarm). Be aware that HoP is considered a magical effect that can be dispelled or stolen. If you’re fighting against mage comps, be prepared to cancel the HoP at any time so that the mage won’t have a chance to steal it.
Divine Shield – Ooh, it’s not just a spell, it’s a real legend. Who doesn’t know about “bubble”, the most frequently mentioned paladin ability? Indeed, this unique spell, the prerogative of our class since WoW Vanilla, can not help but take a closer look. What is it? Strictly speaking, it’s a buff that leaves us completely invulnerable to all forms of physical and magical effects for 12 seconds, with the exception of dispersal, which the two classes can use: warriors, with the smashing throw, and priests, with the massed dispel ability.

9. Arena setup lists: 2v2, 3v3;

There are a huge number of setups for Hpal, but I will present only the most essential and strongest from my personal experience. We will start with the 2×2 arena in WotLK Classic.

Holy Paladin + Unholy DK (DKP) – I recommend this comp for beginners as Hpal in WoTLK Classic. Definitely an excellent teammate for the Holy Paladin because of its excellent tunneling potential, strong burst damage, solid survivability, and some defensive support options. No 2dd comps can hurt you in this setup.

Holy Paladin + Arms Warrior (WP) – in my opinion, this is the best partner for Holy Paladin, and there are quite a few factors to back it up. Warrior has the best tunneling potential of any class, a decent warrior will sooner or later kill or mana any target he attacks. At the same time, Bladestorm provides a decent amount of boosts, has a bunch of physics debuffs, deals a fair amount of damage with bleed, and notably, has a unique and very nasty debuff that decreases the power of spells by 50%. That’s not counting the usual Mortal Strike which reduces all the healing by 50%.

PvP Holy Paladin Guide WoTLK Classic 3

Holy Paladin + Elem Shaman + Affli/Destruction Warlock (LSP) – such an easy setup for Holy Paladin as can be imagined. You’ll have huge damage (because Shammy has Heroism, lots of control, good arena switches under paladin’s HoJ. Not much to be said here, your only role is to listen to your teammates: give a Master Aura when asked by your Shaman or Warlock.; use HoP for some kind of burst, etc..In this comp you can afford to use a minimum of Resilience and a maximum of Spell Power and Haste Rating.
Holy Paladin + Elem Shaman + Arms Warrior (ThunderCleave/TC) – As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best 3×3 combo in WotLK. It has tremendous damage and survivability. Your role in this comp is much different from that of the LSP cleave. Your main goal should be to cleanse. When you dispel, you help your warrior deal more damage and also force the enemy healer to re-buff and spend globals. You need to know when your teammates are going to DPS and then give your stan HoJ because most of the time you are more useful when you dispense and give Freedom than when you only healing. I would like to recommend TC for beginners because it’s pretty easy to play (unless you’re facing a lot of good people on low mmr) and effective. However, if you want to play for titles and higher rankings, you will need some practice and a little synchronicity to your teammates.

10. Conclusion.

Well the guide has reached its logical conclusion. In general, by applying all the recommendations in this PvP Holy Paladin Guide WoTLK Classic and carefully studying your character: the characteristics, capabilities, features, game mechanics, you can achieve very good results. Hpal is an iconic and quite popular character in PvP ,who is not only capable of lightning-fast healing of a partner in the arena, but can withstand even the most destructive attacks from the enemy.
Most of the information on specific data was obtained from one of the players Josky who has long been playing for this class and whose arena rating paired with dk/warr/lock is 2900 +on most WoW expansions. Therefore you should have no reason to mistrust this guide.

Good luck winning the most prestigious trophies and visit FrostyBoost more often. We have so much to offer!

PvP Holy Paladin Guide WoTLK Classic 2

When will the coveted second part of the PvP guide to the Death Knight WoTLK Classic?

As soon as we notice your activity and willingness to this guide.

Is it hard to play as a Hpal in the current WotLK realities?

Holy Paladin is a fairly easy healer compared to all the other classes with specialization of Healing in WotLK. You can learn to play it as long as you have the desire to do so.

When will I be able to achieve high scores for Hpal in PvP?

It all depends on you, exactly on your wishes, the amount of time spent, any kind of PvP-experience on other classes. Anyway, if you matter rating or gladiator rank in WoTLK Classic and are not willing to spend a huge amount of time on this, then FrostyBoost team can do any boost service and any PvP achievement within a quick time for you personally!

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