Diablo 4 Overview

Diablo 4 Overview

Diablo 4, a dark part, a continuation of the previous series of the Diablo game, will soon be released and will conquer all fans with its history and changes. What awaits us in the new part and what will be the changes? You will learn this and much more in our Diablo 4 Overview.

Diablo 4 Overview 1

Diablo 4 Release Date

Finally, the release date for the sensational Diablo 4 has become known. So, when will all hell break loose?! Surely, 6.6.23. On June 6, 2023, players will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Diablo 4, in its burning story, fight against numerous demons and enemies.

The Plot of the Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Overview 2

The plot of the game promises to be dark and frightening. We are waiting for a dark part in the spirit of the very first games. After many years, people were just beginning to recover from protracted wars with demons and the conflict between heaven and hell. Since then, the portal to heaven has been closed and the angels have stopped helping humanity. Everything is gloomy enough as it is, can it get any worse? As it turned out, it can… An unknown cult called into the world a new threat. It is Lilith. Summoned with the help of a dark ritual, the villainess begins to wreak havoc on the lands of the Sanctuary. Now there is no hope for a quiet life. Even the most righteous inhabitants of the Sanctuary began to doubt their faith…

Classes in Diablo 4

Three classes became known a long time ago, these are the Sorceress, Barbarian and Druid. At the time of release, five classes are planned. In general, there will be five classes and they will be: Barbarian, Druid, Sorceress, Rogue, Necromancer. What are these classes good for and what new features will they have?

Sorceress is a ranged warrior with a lot of spells. These characters will be able to quickly move around the battleground in the form of a fireball. This way, they can teleport as much as they want and deal damage to all surrounding enemies. They also possess the element of ice, which will cause opponents to freeze over time. Fireballs, ice spells and other powerful spells will also be available to Sorceress.

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The barbarian is a classic melee warrior. He uses two-handed and one-handed weapons. A new feature has been added to this class, a new mechanic called Arsenal. It will allow you to equip up to four different types of weapons and quickly switch between them.

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The Druid class is back from Diablo 2! It is also a melee warrior class. The main feature of the Druid is that he can change his appearance from a human to a werewolf or a bear. They can also use individual skills for each incarnation.

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Skill Point System

Diablo 4 Overview 6

The skill point system is back. With each level gained, players gain one or more skill points at their disposal. They will be used either to activate new skills or to level up existing skills. This in turn unlocks additional passive effects. Players will have to choose between new skills or improving existing ones.

Talent Tree

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The talent tree system has also been changed. Each class has its own unique tree. Talents are unlocked from top to bottom by investing skills gained by leveling up. The developers promised unique builds for each class that players can create on their own.

Diablo 4 Items

Items will be divided by quality. Estimated weapon division you’ll see here.

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Items are divided into normal, magic, rare, legendary, ancient legendary and mythic. The most powerful equipment is mythic. It’s also worth noting that most legendary items will level up certain skills.

Diablo 4’s World

The world will be divided into 5 large locations familiar to fans. The world will be shared, open to everyone without the need for a linear passage, where users themselves choose where to go and what to do. All five territories are places where the heroes will begin their adventure. There are over a hundred villages and similar places where you can start the game.

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Sсosglen is the home of the druids. This is a large fertile land with forests in which these forest people live. The home of the Necromancer is the Fractured Peaks. The Dry Steppes is where the barbarians come from. Hawezar is inhabited by sorceresses. Kejistan is the last zone and has been inhabited by demons for a long time.


Most of the dungeons will be randomly generated and can be played in groups of up to 4 players. In dungeons, any random events that arise from a common set are possible. Thus, dungeon completion will become more exciting and varied. Also in the dungeons there will be such an innovation as a goal. Each dungeon will have its own unique goals. Such a goal could be, for example, the destruction of as many monsters as possible. As the goal is realized, the player will receive more valuable rewards.

Sanctuary Monsters

Diablo 4 Overview  10

A huge number of different creatures have been prepared for the new Diablo 4. All enemies will fit into the surrounding world. They will be divided into families of different creatures, united in all sorts of ways. All groups of monsters are most effective next to their own kind and have a unique specialization.

Diablo 4 Bosses

Diablo 4 Overview 11

Bosses in Diablo 4 are a huge threat. Ashava is the first boss. This monster is an ancient demon that lives in the bowels of the earth. All such enemies have different skills, and some are able to kill very quickly. To prevent this from happening, the mechanics of evasion and stun were introduced. The stun is a special scale, when filled, the boss will lose some of its power. So there is nothing to be afraid of. It will be possible to kill the boss, the main thing is to know how to do it and skillfully use your abilities.

What else

Of the innovations, we would like to note the emergence of a new type of transport. These are mounts. They can be equipped with various items, just like ordinary heroes.

We’ve covered the highlights of the upcoming Diablo 4 and talked about the changes that await players. We would like to note that all these data are preliminary and much more may change. Diablo 4 will only be released on June 6, 2023, so there may be many more changes to come. We hope our Diablo 4 Overview was helpful for you and we wish you a pleasant wait!

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When is Diablo 4 coming out?

Diablo 4 is scheduled to release on June 6, 2023.

How many classes will there be?

There are currently 5 classes.

How many locations will there be in Diablo 4?

The world will be divided into 5 large locations.

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