All the New Rewards in WoW Dragonflight Season 4

All the New Rewards in WoW Dragonflight Season 4

The Dragonflight DLC enters Season 4 in late April. With massive coverage across bloggers and YouTubers, many fans remain positively hyped. Even those who once left WoW for other MMOs are returning to the game to check how things have changed since the old times.

If you wonder how things will change in the upcoming patch, this guide shows what to expect. It’s going to help you make sense of all the new bounties and find out what you can do with them. You can get some in the PVE, while others are available through the PVP battles. So, let’s dive into the new rewards in DF Chapter 4!

Awakened Raids Loot

Awakened raids are the revised versions of their three original DF counterparts, introduced in the upcoming update. While they don’t change the game dramatically or add groundbreaking content and storylines, they still have many things to engage you. Here is how they’re going to work.

Each week, one of three raids of the Dragon Isles becomes awakened. Each difficulty—Raid Finder, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic—gives better loot for those who believe can finish it. But if you have no time for the grind, it’s OK. In Season 4 (S4), you can purchase new and old items of the DLC with two currencies, Antique Bronze Bullion and Awakened Tempostone.

To complete the raids and get each prize, you must reach Level 70, the current cap in the DLC. Once you complete all three in the Normal tier, you unlock one more dragonriding mount that complements your collection and gear setup, Voyaging Wildering Mount. Notably, the fastest way to get new mounts is through boosting services such as the WoW mount boost on Frostyboost.

Voyaging Wilderling's Harness Mount Reward

What happens if you beat the Heroic difficulty? Completing all the raids in this tier earns you the Awakened title. This title serves as your badge of honor in front of other players, proving that you completed one of the hardest runs in the DLC and survived. Getting over the Mythic level of all three adventures grants you the Path Portals. This unique set of teleportation items brings you to each raid’s entrance at a moment’s notice. They let you run through the Phase 4 DF raids even faster than before!

Simply put, it will be the same thing as the Fated Raids in the Shadowlands S4, just under the ‘Awakened’ name. You will meet the tougher mobs & bosses in the same locations, but once you finish these raids, you get unique loot. However, the Chapter Four update is going to offer some other exciting things to avid fans.

Mythic+ Dungeons Rewards

In the following patch, Blizzard brings back 8 original dungeons, re-balancing the enemy stats to a new difficulty. Here they are:

  • Algeth’ar Academy;
  • Azure Vault;
  • Brackenhide Hollow;
  • Halls of Infusion;
  • Neltharus;
  • The Nokhud Offensive;
  • Ruby Life Pools;
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr;

Alongside reworked enemies, balance, and progression system, the Mythic+ dungeons will have more prizes than you can get now. At the same time, existing dungeons will not disappear. They won’t get the Mythic Plus status, but they will still be leveled up regarding the overall challenge and amount of bounties.

Once you complete at least one of the renewed dungeons during Phase 4, you obtain a certain sum of rating points and the Keystone Explorer: Season Four achievement. Earning the mark of 1500 or more gets you the Keystone Conqueror achievement plus the ‘Draconic’ title.

Alongside the mount from the Awakened runs the mounts reward S4 includes the Infinite Mount Armor, which you receive with the Keystone Master achievement. For the latter, you must reach at least 2500 rating points while running through the dungeons. If you want to outsource getting this loot, check out what the WoW Achievement Boost service offers.

In addition, for completing Mythic Keystones of Level 10 and higher within the time allotted for each of the 8 dungeons, you receive entrance portals for them. As with the path portals to Awakened raids, you will be able to complete the dungeons faster than ever! Now, what reward items does the PvP Season 4 have to offer?

PVP Rewards

The developers have decided to change the PvP system, introducing additions to the balance and prizes. They will bring new things obtainable by fighting other players in Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas, and Solo Shuffle. Here is the loot the PvP mode has to offer in S4.

Gladiator Mount

The Gladiator mount is a draconic creature available for those who beat other players in the PvP mode and climb the top of the rating ladder. Previously, you had to win 50 games in the 3v3 arena battles of the Elite rank matchmaking. This time, you will also be able to unlock the Draconic Gladiator’s Drake mount and the Draconic Gladiator Season 4 achievement. Just do the same thing as before.

Afterward, you can have a well-deserved amount of show-off in front of others. Notably, the S4 gives the dragonriding transformation item Highland Drake: Embodiment of the Draconic Gladiator to let you get out of dragonriding locations with this mount. This practice was present before, so there are no surprises here.

New Rewards Season 4 Dragonflight

Vicious Mounts

There are two vicious mounts in the patch, one for the Horde and one for the Alliance. To get one, play in Rated Arena or Rated Background matches and fill in the progress bar. Then, you can collect Vicious Dreamtalon. You can fill the bar multiple times to get vicious saddles, a currency for purchasing the previous vicious mounts from the specialized vendor.


In addition to previous PVP titles you can obtain by earning score points in various modes, this patch brings two draconic ones, ‘Gladiatorand ‘Legend.’ To get the former as one of the Gladiator Season 4 Rewards, you need to finish as one of the 0.1% of top players in the PVP ladder with a minimum of 150 matches played. The latter is unlocked after you play 50+ games and find yourself among 0.1% of the best Solo Shuffer players.

Other PVP Reward Items

The weapon illusions are called Bronze Infinite and unlocked after you have achieved the ‘Duelist’ title of the DF Chapter 4. They enhance the look of your arms with special luminosity that reflects the dragon theme. You can showcase this upgrade as one of your Arena Season 4 Rewards when exploring Azeroth.

Plus, they are going to bring the Draconic Glatiator’s set, including the Cloak, Tabard, and Pennant. For the first one, you need to get the Legend achievement by winning 100 Rated Solo Shuffle matches as an Elite Ranked player. For the remaining two items, simply grow to the rank of Elite during the season.

Finally, the developers promise new transmog sets and items. They usually carry over bonuses and shapes from before. That being said, if you know what earlier gear’s aesthetics and effects are, you can easily recognize those of the new equipment. Each transmog item can offer special bonuses for the playstyle of each in-game class, catering to all players. Good luck in the coming season!

What are the new rewards for Awakened Raids in Dragonflight Season 4?

  • Awakened Raids in Season 4 offer revised versions of three original Dragonflight raids, with each week one of the Dragon Isles raids becoming awakened.
  • Rewards include new loot and items, such as the Voyaging Wildering Mount for completing all three Normal raids and the ‘Awakened’ title for completing Heroic raids.
  • Completing Mythic difficulty for all three raids grants the Path Portals, allowing quick access to raid entrances.

What rewards can players expect from Mythic+ Dungeons in Season 4?

  • Blizzard brings back 8 original dungeons with re-balanced difficulties.
  • Completing these dungeons awards rating points and the Keystone Explorer: Season Four achievement.
  • Achieving 1500 rating points or more earns the Keystone Conqueror achievement and the ‘Draconic’ title.
  • The Keystone Master achievement, obtained at 2500 rating points, rewards the Infinite Mount Armor.
  • Completing Mythic Keystones of Level 10 or higher within the time limit grants entrance portals for these dungeons.

What PvP rewards are available in Dragonflight Season 4?

  • PvP mode introduces new rewards including:
    • Gladiator Mount: Earned by climbing the rating ladder and winning in PvP battles.
    • Vicious Mounts: Obtainable through Rated Arena or Rated Battleground matches.
    • Titles: ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Legend’ titles for top PvP players.
    • Weapon Illusions: Bronze Infinite illusions unlocked with the ‘Duelist’ title.
    • Draconic Gladiator’s Set: Includes Cloak, Tabard, and Pennant.
    • Transmog Sets and Items: New sets and items with familiar aesthetics and bonuses catering to different playstyles.
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