WotLK enchanting profession boost
  • ETA: 1-2 days
  • Description: We will select for you the best boosters and they will master the enchanting profession for your character and receive all possible recipes, gold and potions.
  • Rules: Active WoW WotLK subscription; Account sharing
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Buy WotLK Enchanting 1-450 profession boost and get the most demanded skill

The Enchanting WotLK professions boost is rightfully considered the most demanded and profitable profession in WoW Wrath of the Lich King. Thanks to this profession, you can enchant items and improve their stats and, in addition, earn gold. Getting the enchanting WotLK profession and, in particular, some of the recipes for it, can be a real challenge. And in order to avoid the challenge, but only be content with the bonuses and privileges of this profession, buy our Enchanting WotLK boost. The booster will master this skill especially for you! You will receive a character with a desired enchanting WotLK profession and all the recipes, gold and achievements.

Requirements for Enchanting WotLK boost

Active WoW WotLK subscription

Account sharing

How do we work?

After you pay for this carry service, a member of our team will write to you. You should share your account’s data. Our booster will log into your account and will boost your chosen Enchanting WotLK profession. Upon reaching the goal, a character with an already mastered profession and all achievements will be returned to you. Enjoy the game and this charming profession!

Become the most powerful enchanters with Frostyboost

Become the most omnipotent enchanter in WotLK. Create unique items and enchant them to become invincible in battles. Frostyboost will help you master this magical and extremely useful skill. To do this, simply buy Enchanting WotLK boost.

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What is the enchanting profession?

This profession is needed to improve armor, weapons and other items through the use of magic formulas.

What are the advantages of WoW Classic enchanting profession?

Enchanting profession will give you the opportunity to enchant your character’s items and use chant rings that will increase your Stamina by 30, Attack Power by 40 and Spell Power Damage by 23.

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