Rogue R1 for sale
Rogue R1 for sale
Rogue R1 for sale
Rogue R1 for sale
Rogue R1 for sale
Rogue R1 for sale
  • Description: Bis pvp 85 lvl rogue, r1 title deadly gladiator, a lot of rare mounts: invincible, mimiron head mount,shadowmourn mount. 3550 pvp arena exp + 2nd 80 lvl rogue with 80lvl and a lot of other stuff, like rare titles and etcr.
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What guarantees do I have when buying from Frostyboost?

We guarantee the account you are buying from us for a lifetime. If you lose access to it because of our mistake (this will have to be proven), we will give you an account of the same value.

Do you sell characters or accounts?

We only sell whole accounts. Transfers are available to a different realm or between factions and transfer cooldown is 30 days.

How does this work then?

Once you purchase an account, we will get in touch with the owner of the account and ask him his Battle Net account information. You will be given full access, including the secret Q&A.

How long does the delivery take?

It usually takes 1-36 hours. If the seller is not answering even on the phone, we will find a solution. Refunds are certainly possible if we aren't able to give you the account you originally chose.

What about the game license?

You will always be provided an account with a new x1 month subscription. If it has no gametime, it will have 30 days after the delivery. If it has 10 days, it will have 40. We always add +30 days.

Why should I purchase a Classic account instead of a boost?

The explanation is simple. Classic orders take time and can depend on random factors - the booster may not be as quick as expected, for example. Accounts, on the other hand, solve all of these headaches at the root. You buy, and you enjoy the account right away.

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