Awakened Raid Boost Heroic Boost
  • Description: Buy Awakened Raid Boost Heroic Boost for acquiring top gear and sets in the DF Season 4. With the first-class Frostyboost team, you can expect prompt and quality raids completion, guaranteeing safety and achievement of results! Without using bots and performing all services manually, we make the quality of our services 100% high quality.
  • Rules: Character level 70
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Buy Awakened Raid Boost Heroic Boost by Frostyboost

Looking for a solution to pass Awakened Heroic raids promptly and easily? It's right here! Buy Awakened Raid Boost , where you can conquer Season 4's most challenging raids on Heroic mode. It's your unique chance to experience the ultimate shortcut to acquiring top-tier gear and sets in the breathtaking DF season finale.

Try yourself in the Awakened heroic raid and unlock a treasure trove of exclusive rewards. Our elite team of raiders is committed to providing an efficient boosting experience.

It includes:

Choose Frostyboost and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save precious time by navigating the HC raid with a team of true PROs
  • Reach rare and coveted rewards without the need for weeks of preparation and gear accumulation.
  • Learn from the best by raiding alongside professional players who will impart their knowledge of the most effective clearing strategies. This invaluable experience will elevate your future raiding endeavors, honing your skills as a formidable player.

How to buy:

  1. Browse through the various boost types and select the one that suits your needs.
  2. Contact us to coordinate the raid at a time.
  3. Complete the checkout to secure your raid slot.
  4. Be online shortly before the scheduled start time if you've opted for the self-play option. If you've chosen the pilot option, our skilled boosters will log into your account and execute the boost
  5. Revel in the rewards and the satisfaction of conquering the Awakened HC raid!


Character level 70

Embrace the power of the Awakened and conquer the heroic raids with Frostyboost's unparalleled boosting service. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to forge your legend in the Dragonflight season finale!

What makes Frostyboost's Awakened HC boost different from other boosting services?

Our boosters have extensive knowledge of the Awakened raids, which means a quick completion of the boost. Additionally, we offer personalized support and flexible scheduling.

Can I choose to play with a specific character?

Absolutely! When booking your boost, you can specify which character you would like to use for the selfplay option.

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