WoW Season of Discovery(SoD) Gold Farming Guide


SoD Gold Farming Guide

Welcome, brave adventurers, to our guide on gold farming in WoW Season of Discovery and the wonderful world of Azeroth. Here you will find dungeons full of dangers, epic battles, and countless treasures waiting for those who dare to explore the vastness of this exciting world. In this unique world, where nostalgia and challenge combine, gold plays an important role as a key resource for your progress – from acquiring necessary equipment to mounts.

Your path to gold farming in WoW Classic Season of Discovery is not just about accumulating wealth. It’s also the art of strategy, which will help improve your game and strengthen your character. We invite you to share with us the secrets and methods of enrichment in this beautiful world. Whether you are an experienced player or a newcomer, join our journey into the world of efficient gold mining, the art of trade, and the most profitable themes in WoW Season of Discovery Classic. We also can offer to Buy WoW SoD Gold from us, safe and very easy. But lets see the guide

The Best Class for Gold Mining in WoW Season of Discovery

Creating the ultimate ranking of the best and worst classes for gold mining can be a subjective process, as it often depends on individual play style, preferences, and specific mining method. Nevertheless, we have tried to provide you with one of the possible options. Here is a list of the best classes in WoW Season of Discovery:


Mage is definitely the best class for gold mining in WoW Season of Discovery, thanks to their excellent AOE spells, which make them effective for quickly clearing mob spots. They can solo farm dungeons for valuable items and materials.


Hunter possesses strong personal skills, and their pets deal additional damage and protect their owner.
Rogue can move stealthily through territories, avoiding useless battles. They are great at solo hunting for specific enemies and can pickpocket for additional income.


Warlocks have excellent skills for solo farming, and the ability to summon a demon significantly simplifies everything. They are very effective at eliminating specific mobs and can independently go through dungeons, which is a big advantage in accumulating gold in WoW Season of Discovery.

Paladins, especially those who chose the “Retribution” specialization, brilliantly cope with solo farming thanks to their resilience. They may not have such instant damage as some other classes, but their high survival allows them to participate in prolonged battles. All these advantages allow earning additional funds slowly but steadily, avoiding frequent deaths.

Druids, especially in Bear or Cat form, can effectively farm solo and be flexible for various farm scenarios – from increased survival to damage. All these possibilities are available in one class.


Warriors face certain difficulties with solo farming due to equipment dependency and the need for healing. However, with the right equipment, they can still farm successfully. In WoW Season of Discovery Classic, this class becomes a real money machine, especially at higher levels when endgame content plays a key role.

Priests, although they do not have explosive damage compared to other classes, can maintain their health thanks to effective healing. Especially dark priests can deal damage and heal themselves at the same time. Nevertheless, they are inferior to other classes that specialize only in dealing damage, which significantly limits your ability to efficiently farm gold in WoW Season of Discovery.


Shamans are not so good for solo farming due to their relatively low damage over a long period of time. Improving the characteristics of Shamans can cause some difficulties compared to other classes. Moreover, at higher levels, this situation may become even more difficult, as you may lack the damage growth to farm quickly compared to other classes.

Best Ways to Farm Gold in WoW Season of Discovery

You may already know that for successful gold farming in WoW Season of Discovery, you need to be able to effectively mine resources, strategically play, and have a good understanding of the in-game economy. These skills develop with experience and acquisition of additional knowledge. Currently, there are several ways to farm gold in WoW Season of Discovery that you can try:

  • Killing mobs;
  • Dungeon farming;
  • Herbalism and mining;
  • Fishing; Farming rare mobs;
  • Flipping at the auction;
  • Elemental farm;
  • Creating and selling consumables;
  • Farming rare clothes.

Next in our guide, we will take a detailed look at each of the above methods.

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Mob Farming

WoW SoD Gold Farming Guide

Repeatedly destroying groups of mobs is the best way to earn gold in WoW Season of Discovery due to its fundamentality. This method has existed since the beginning of the game and has changed little since then. Here is a detailed description of how mob farming helps you earn gold:

  • Loot – mobs drop various items when defeated: among them can be junk (items that can be sold to merchants for gold), gray items, and sometimes green or blue quality items. These drops contribute to your gold income.
  • Gold Loot – mobs can drop gold: this is often a modest amount, but it can accumulate over time, especially when farming in areas with a high concentration of mobs.
  • Clothes and raw materials – many humanoid mobs drop clothes: tailors use it to create various items. In addition, some mobs drop raw materials, such as leather, elemental reagents, or other valuable resources that can be sold at the Auction House(AH).

Remember that the efficiency of monster farming for gold earnings depends on several factors, such as the level of monsters, their concentration in the location, and demand for certain items at the auction of your server. It is recommended to experiment with different zones and types of monsters to find the most profitable and profitable places for farming, suitable for your character.

Dungeon Farming

Many beginners in the game, especially those who have just begun their journey, may think that dungeon farming is difficult. In fact, this is an excellent way to earn gold in WoW Season of Discovery if you do not know other methods. Its essence lies in repeatedly passing dungeons in order to obtain valuable items and materials that can be sold for gold.

Boss loot:

  • Dungeons are rich sources of loot, and each boss in the dungeon has a chance to drop valuable items. Among these items may be equipment, recipes, and other valuable goods that can be sold at the auction.

Personal items when worn:

Many dungeons contain items that can be exchanged or sold to other players. These items are especially valuable for players who want to upgrade their character’s equipment. Selling such items at the Auction can bring a significant amount of gold.

Crafting materials and recipes:

Dungeons often encounter enemies dropping materials or recipes for crafting. These materials can be used by various professions to create valuable items, and the recipes themselves can be sold to players who want to learn new patterns.

Herbalism and Mining

WoW SoD Gold Guide

Almost any profession can help you get rich if used correctly, but Herbalism and Mining certainly deserve special attention. The reason why these two professions can also be called the best way to farm gold in WoW Season of Discovery Classic is that they are used to collect valuable resources from the environment.

WoW Season of Discovery has a level cap of 25. This means that the maximum skill you can achieve in professions is Expert, or skill level 225.

At this level, almost any type of ore, starting with copper, can be valuable for mining. Blacksmiths and engineers will be looking for mithril ore and solid stone for their highest level recipes, but they must collect them in higher zones (40+), which can be a challenge. If you have the “Advanced Mining” spell on your gloves, you will be able to mine True Silver Ore and Dark Iron Ore, but reaching these zones will be even more difficult. Probably your best choice will be Iron Ore and Heavy Stone, which are easier to approach.

The Herbalist cap is 225, but the exception is the Tauren, who receive the racial ability Cultivation and can reach a skill level of 240. You can also use Herbalist Gloves with a glove enchant – “Advanced Herbalism” to reach skill levels of 230 or 235 (and even higher for Tauren).

Alchemists will have to look for all kinds of herbs, so for us practically everything that is outside the starting zones is worth collecting. At skill level 225, you will be able to collect herbs in higher zones (40+), however, this can be difficult and they still will not be used at this phase. The most useful types of herbs can be found in zones from levels 10 to 40.


WoW SoD Gold Guide

When you think about how to farm gold in WoW Season of Discovery, many players somehow neglect Fishing. If you belong to this category of people, it’s time to change your mind. Why? Because it’s a great source of extra gold and is always in high demand among players of all levels.

In various zones and reservoirs, you can find different types of fish. Common fish include:

  • Raw Brilliant Smallfish;
  • Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper;
  • Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish.

Some fish are in high demand for cooking recipes and consumable items. For example, Oily Blackmouth and Firefin Snapper are used in various potions and elixirs, making them valuable commodities.

There is also the opportunity to participate in a fishing competition in the Stranglethorn Vale. Mobs in this area have levels from 30 to 45, but fortunately, their number along the coast where you will be fishing is not so large.

Winning the competition brings valuable rewards, most of which you can use even at level 25.

Farming Rare Mobs

WoW SoD Gold Guide

Although farming rare mobs can hardly be called a good method for farming gold in WoW Season of Discovery for solo play, due to the difficulty of the encountered enemies, it rewards you with a sufficient amount of gold if done correctly.

This method involves actively searching for and repeatedly defeating rare or elite monsters throughout the game world. These creatures are often stronger than regular mobs and have a chance to drop valuable items, making farming rare mobs a potentially profitable method of earning.

Here’s a brief list of the benefits of farming rare mobs:

  • Drop from rare mobs: Rare mobs have an increased chance of dropping unusual (green) or rare (blue) items compared to regular mobs. Among these items may be equipment, weapons, recipes, and other valuable items that can be sold at the Auction House.
  • Recipes and schematics: Some rare mobs have a chance to drop rare or unique recipes and schematics for crafting. They can be very sought after by players looking to learn new recipes or collectors who want to complete their collection of recipes.
  • Special crafting materials: Some rare mobs drop unique crafting materials that are in demand in various professions. These materials can be sold at the Auction House.

Keep in mind that developing effective farming routes that include several rare mobs can optimize your farming sessions, allowing you to maximize the number of defeated rare mobs and increase the chances of valuable drops.

Flipping at the Auction House

When it comes to earning gold in WoW Season of Discovery, flipping at the Auction House is rarely a priority. The reason for this is that successfully implementing this strategy requires a lot of knowledge about the in-game economy and closely monitoring all trading processes. This strategy involves buying items at the Auction House at a lower price and reselling them at a higher price for a profit.

Here’s what you need to know about the gold-earning method to maximize your benefits:

  • Understanding the market: Successful auction flipping requires a good understanding of the game’s economy. Keep an eye on market trends, popular items, and typical prices for various goods on your server.
  • Knowing the value of items: Study the usual price of items, including crafting materials, consumables, equipment, and rare goods. Extensive knowledge of the value of different items will help make informed decisions when flipping at the auction.
  • Buy low, sell high: Look for opportunities to acquire goods at a lower price than their current value. This may include buying goods during periods of low player activity, when fewer people are online, or using temporary fluctuations in supply and demand.
  • Patience and timing: Auction flipping requires patience. Some items may take time to sell at the desired price. Understanding market cycles and patience in placing lots, especially for expensive goods or goods with limited demand, are key factors.
  • Diversification: Diversify your flipping portfolio by dealing with different types of goods. This will help reduce risks and provide a more stable income. Try working in different markets to find the most profitable opportunities.

Flipping at the Auction House requires a combination of market knowledge, patience, and strategic thinking. By keeping up with events, understanding the needs of the gaming community, and adapting to market changes, players can turn flipping at the Auction House into a reliable and profitable method of earning.

Elemental Farming

WoW SoD Gold Guide

Elemental farming in WoW SoD involves hunting and defeating elementals. Elementals, such as fire, water, air, and earth elementals, live in specific zones of the game world. These creatures have a chance to drop elemental items, which are valuable for crafting. Different types of elementals drop specific elemental reagents, such as:

  • Primal Fire;
  • Primal Water;
  • Primal Air;
  • Primal Earth.

These reagents are necessary for crafting various items, including potions, enchantments, and equipment. Develop effective farming routes to target areas with a high concentration of elementals. This maximizes your chances of obtaining elemental reagents and other valuable drops.

Creating and Selling Consumable Items

Creating and selling consumable items is an effective strategy for earning gold in WoW Season of Discovery. Consumables, such as potions, elixirs, food, and other items with useful properties, are in high demand among players for various gaming activities, including raids, PvP, and open-world adventures.

Choose a profession specialized in creating consumables. Alchemy, Cooking, and First Aid are the main professions that allow players to create a wide range of consumable items. Spend time learning various recipes and schematics for consumables. This may require completing quests, training with profession masters, or obtaining rare recipes from specific monsters or dungeons.

Study the server market to determine the most in-demand consumables. These may include health and mana recovery potions, tinctures, food, elixirs, and bandages. If your profession requires materials, such as herbs, regularly collect them or purchase them at the auction house. Maintain a constant supply of materials to ensure a steady production of consumables.

Farming Rare Cloths

Farming rare cloths in WoW SoD involves attacking humanoids, who have a chance to drop higher-level cloths. These materials, including Silk, Magical Cloth, Runic Cloth, are valuable resources used by tailors to create various items.

Humanoids, especially those with a higher level, have a chance to drop rare and valuable cloth materials. Different types of cloth are available at different levels:

  • Linen Cloth (1-15);
  • Wool (15-25);
  • Silk (25-40);
  • Magical Cloth (40-50);
  • Runic Cloth (50+).

Classes with strong AoE skills, such as Mages and Warlocks, excel in farming rare cloths thanks to their ability to effectively deal with multiple targets. AoE farming allows you to kill faster and increase the number of cloths dropped. Plan effective farming routes that allow you to move seamlessly from one group of mobs to another. This minimizes downtime and maximizes the amount of cloth dropped per farming session.

Best Places for Gold Farming in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery (WoW SoD)

In World of Warcraft Season of Discovery (WoW SoD), the best places for gold farming can vary depending on your character’s level, class, and professions. However, there are several general areas known for their profitability in gold farming.

Here are some places for gold farming in WoW Season of Discovery you should know about:

  • Thousand Needles – there are many places where you can farm mobs. For example, harpies and bristleback tribe guards can drop valuable items and materials for sale.
  • The Barrens – Killing certain mobs can be profitable. Look for creatures like the Savannah Lions or the various humanoid mobs (like Razormane and Bristleback tribes). They drop items and cloth that can be sold either to vendors or on the Auction House.
  • Westfall – is known for its high concentration of Defias mobs. These humanoid enemies drop Linen Cloth and other sellable items. Linen Cloth is particularly valuable either for selling on the Auction House or for players leveling up their First Aid or Tailoring.
  • Loch Modan – has a variety of mobs that can be farmed for cloth, vendor trash, and occasional green item drops. Killing Troggs, found in various caves and the Stonewrought Dam area, can be profitable as they drop Linen Cloth and other items.

Best Professions for Earning Gold in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery (WoW SoD)

As we mentioned in our article, choosing professions largely depends on your preferences and playstyle. However, if your ultimate goal is to maximize profit, here’s a list of the best professions for earning gold in WoW Season of Discovery:

  • Herbalism;
  • Mining;
  • Skinning.

If you want to try crafting-related professions, consider the following options:

  • Alchemy;
  • Blacksmithing;
  • Leatherworking.

As you can see, professions from the first and second lists can be excellently combined. A prime example of this is how well Herbalism and Alchemy complement each other.

Tips and Tricks for Gold Farming in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery (WoW SoD)

As we conclude our guide, here are a few key tips for gold farming in WoW Season of Discovery that will help you accumulate wealth faster:

  • Choose your professions wisely: Consider professions that promise high income. Gathering professions like Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning can provide a steady income, while crafting professions like Alchemy, Tailoring, and Enchanting can provide valuable items for sale.
  • Optimize your gathering routes: If you have gathering professions, optimize your routes for efficient resource collection. Study the locations of nodes and their respawn times to maximize your harvest. Efficient routes minimize downtime and increase your hourly income. Solo farming and group farming: Depending on your class and gear, you may prefer solo farming or joining a group.
  • Solo Farming vs. Group Farming: Your choice here will depend on your class and gear. Classes with strong AoE abilities often benefit more from solo farming, while group farming can be more efficient in certain areas.
  • Effortless Gold Acquisition: In addition to in-game methods, we offer an easy alternative – buy WoW SOD gold directly from us! Our service provides a quick, safe, cheap, and secure way to enhance your in-game experience. Whether you need extra gold for that rare item or to power up your character, we’ve got you covered. Shop with confidence and take your game to the next level!


In conclusion, mastering the art of gold farming in WoW Season of Discovery Classic requires a combination of strategic planning, efficient resource gathering, and a deep understanding of the in-game economy. Whether you decide to focus on gathering professions, creating valuable items, or engaging in specific farming methods, the key is to adapt and improve your approach based on your character’s abilities, professions, and the needs of the game community on your server.

Gathering professions such as herbalism, mining, and skinning provide a steady income through the collection of valuable resources. These materials are necessary for crafting professions like alchemy, blacksmithing, and leatherworking. Participating in professions that meet the needs of raiders or PvP players and those engaged in end-game content can be especially profitable.

Exploring various methods of gold farming, such as auction house flipping, farming rare mobs, farming elementals, or dungeon farming, offers opportunities to diversify income sources. Each method has its unique challenges and requires an individual strategy, but the potential rewards are worth the effort.

What are some effective strategies for gold farming in WoW Season of Discovery?

Effective gold farming strategies include wisely choosing high-income professions like Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Alchemy, Tailoring, and Enchanting. Optimizing gathering routes for efficient resource collection is crucial. Whether to focus on solo farming or group farming depends on your class and gear. Solo farming is typically more efficient for classes with strong AoE abilities, while group farming might be better in certain areas. Understanding and adapting to the in-game economy and the needs of your server’s game community is also vital for successful gold farming.

Which professions are most profitable for earning gold in WoW SoD?

The most profitable professions in WoW SoD for gold earning are Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning, which are gathering professions providing steady income through resource collection. For crafting-related professions, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Leatherworking are recommended. These professions can be effectively combined, such as Herbalism with Alchemy, to maximize profit.

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