Fangs of the Father Step-by-step guide in Cataclysm Classic

Legendary Daggers Fangs of the Father in Cata Classic

Fangs of the Father in Cataclysm Classic are legendary daggers for Rogue Class introduced in patch 4.3. They have three versions, with each version increasing their characteristics.To obtain each of their variations, brigands will have to complete several difficult quests, as well as kill more than a hundred bosses in the Dragon’s Soul raid.

Legendary Daggers Fangs of the Father in Cata Classic

Please note: quests cannot be completed using the Raid Finder (LFR). All of them must be completed in normal raids for 10 or 25 players, in standard or heroic mode. So it makes it much harder to get these Legendary Daggers, to find the guild or to try hard with Random players to kill the last boss in DragonSoul raid. It will take so much time to do all the quest-lines therefore we want you to offer Fangs of the Father Cata Classic Boost and then our team of professionals will do all the required things for you to obtain these legendary weapons.

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At the bottom will be located quests in sequential order to obtain these legendary items:

1.Proving Your Worth

The chain to the legendary daggers begins with the Proving Your Worth quest. which can be taken inside the Dragon Soul raid from Lord Devrestrasz. After killing the first boss in the raid, the lord can be found in the Temple of Dragon’s Rest. To complete the quest, you will need to steal the Cryptomancer’s Decoder Ring from another Dragon Soul boss, Hagara the Stormbinder. Once you have the ring, return to Lord Devrestrasz.

Proving Your Worth

2. A Hidden Message

To start this quest A Hidden Message – The dragon Corastrasza on the Vermillion Redoubt in the Twilight Highlands asks for your help. You need to get to her, after which she will ask you to decrypt the intercepted message; you can do it with the stolen Deciphering Ring of the Secret Scribe, but you need to “charge” it beforehand. To do this, fly to your faction’s capital (Orgrimmar/Stormgrad), find an Etherial in the building with the Abyss Vault and transmogrification. This ethereal will “charge the ring you stole for 10,000 gold. Please note: the ring will only charge after 12 hours of real time. The quest is completed by Corastraza in the Twilight Highlands.

A Hidden Message

3. Ravenholdt

The quest To Ravenholdt – Corastraza will send you to the Ravenholdt Manor (in the Foothills of Hillsbrad) to find the egg. You don’t need to get there yourself – talk to the dragon Mostrasz nearby and he will take you to the right place.


4. To Catch the Thief

The dragon will ask you to sneak into the Ravenholdt Manor and find the lost black dragon egg. The main difficulty of the quest is the brigands living in the manor and nearby, which you need to pass by unnoticed. During the quest, an illuminated zone will appear around your character, which will help you bypass enemies at a safe distance. Your goal is to sneak into the backyard of the manor. There you will need to use a special hook to climb to the top floor. Then you will need to go down to the basement (also stealthily bypassing the enemies) and find Wrathion there.

To Catch the Thief

5. Our man in Gilneas

Our Man in Gilneas quest – Wrathion will ask you to find one of his men in the Ruins of Gilneas. The mage you are looking for, Zazzo Twinklefingers, is on the bridge northeast of the ruins of the city.

Our man in Gilneas

6. Assassinate Creed

Assassinate Creed – Quest starts when the mage will ask you to deal with one of the dragons (Lord Hiram Creed) in the Ruins of Gilneas, he is in the center of the military quarter. To get to him, you will again have to use your rogue tricks – distraction, stun, etc. If you are spotted, the mage will bring you back to him and the quest will have to be done again.

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Lord Hiram Creed isn’t easy either. He has almost 2 million health and some nasty abilities. Moreover, you need to deal with him in 2 minutes, otherwise he’ll get mad and send you to the graveyard. As for the boss’s abilities – they are generally not so scary – run out of the dark circles on the ground, and when the boss starts using Shadow Breath – run behind his back. But it’s better to constantly interrupt Blackhowl’s Will ability – it deals quite a lot of damage and, in addition, eats up all your energy.

Assassinate Creed

7. The Deed is Done

The first part of the quests is finished and now you just need to return to Prince Wrathion. As a reward of The Deed is Done – Quest, you will receive the first version of the daggers (397 ilvl) – the Jaws of Retribution such as Fear and Vengeance.

The Deed is Done

8. Cluster Clutch

Cluster Clutch – Quest – To give his blades even more power, Wrathion needs x333 Shadowy Gems. You can get them only in Dragon Soul: from each boss you will receive an item called the Elementium Gem Cluster (1pc in a 10-player raid, 2pc in a 25-player raid), which contains 4 to 9 Shadowy Gems. Given these numbers, at worst you will have to kill 83 dragon soul bosses to collect the required number of Dark Fragments.

Cluster Clutch

9. Our Man in Karazhan

Our Man in Karazhan – Quest – The same mage who sent you to kill the dragon a little earlier is now awaiting your appearance southeast of Karazhan.

Our Man in Karazhan

10. Traitor’s blood

A mission similar to the one you have already completed. So now is Blood of the Betrayer and you need to go down to the cellars under the ruins, kill another dragon – Nalice, having previously snuck into her using Stealth and other abilities, and bring a vial with her blood to Zazzo Twinklefingers.

The fight with Nalice deserves special attention. Wrathion will be required, again, to knock down all of her spells. Somewhere in the middle of the fight, you’ll be moved to one side of the room and the dragon and her magic storage devices to the other; your job is to get to these devices and disable them as quickly as possible. Nalice has about 3 million health. After killing her, bring the vial with the mage’s blood to Karazhan.

Traitor's blood

11.Victory in the Depths

The final quest Victory in the Depths, in which you need to return to Wrathion with the Vial of Preserved Dragonsblood and the first versions of the legendary daggers – Fear and Vengeance. As a reward for your services, Gnevion will give you the second version of the daggers – Jaws of Oblivion of 406 Item Level (daggers – The Sleeper and The Dreamer).

Victory in the Depths

12. Sharpening Your Fangs

After all of the above, you will be able to take the quest Sharpening Your Fangs for the third version of the legendary daggers from Wrathion. You will again need to go through the Dragon Soul and obtain the legendary pieces in it. Now, however, you will not need the Shadowy Gems, but the Elementium Gem Cluster themselves in the amount of 60 pieces. That means you’ll need to kill another 60 bosses in Dragon Soul. Once you have finished collecting them, return to Wrathion.

Sharpening Your Fangs

13. Patricide

The most recent quest Patricide for the legendary daggers. You need to kill Deathwing in any raid, just not in LFR. After his death, you should get a Fragment of Deathwing’s Jaw, which, along with the previous versions of the blades, should be taken to Wrathion. He will reward you with the third version of the legendary daggers, the Fangs of the Father (ilvl 416).


Fangs of the Father Equipment

  1. Main Hand Dagger: Golad, Twilight of Aspects.

  2. Off-Hand Dagger: Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages.

Fangs of the Father Equipment

Rewards For Fangs of the Father in Cataclysm Classic

The owner of the legendary daggers will be awarded the great achievement “Fangs of the Father” in addition to the blades themselves. A similar great achievement will be awarded to the guild that the lucky player is a member of.

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We hope that this Step-By-Step guide to obtaining the Fangs of the Father – legendary daggers for brigands, will help you in obtaining these weapons and completing the appropriate tasks. If you are interested to obtain another Legendary Weapon in WoW Cata Classic welcome to the next our guide – Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest Guide in Cataclysm Classic

What class are the Fangs of the Father legendary daggers designed for in WoW Classic Cataclysm?

The Fangs of the Father legendary daggers are designed for the rogue class in World of Warcraft Classic Cataclysm.

Can I complete the quests for Fangs of the Father in Raid Finder (LFR) mode?

No, the quests for Fangs of the Father cannot be completed in Raid Finder (LFR) mode. They must be completed in normal raids for 10 or 25 players, in standard or heroic mode.

Can I complete the questline for Fangs of the Father solo, or do I need a group?

Some quests may require stealth and rogue abilities, but the majority of the questline involves solo tasks. However, having a group or guild can be beneficial for certain parts, especially when dealing with bosses in the Dragon Soul raid.

What are the rewards for obtaining Fangs of the Father in Cataclysm Classic?

Upon obtaining the legendary daggers, you will be awarded the achievement “Fangs of the Father.” Additionally, if you are a member of a guild, the guild will receive a similar achievement for your accomplishment.

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