Tailoring Step-by-step Guide in SoD Phase 2

Tailoring in Season of Discovery Phase 2

As the realms of WoW Classic evolve through Season of Discovery Phase 2, crafting comes to the forefront with the intricate art of tailoring. In this extensive guide, we’ll reveal the secrets of tailoring, taking you through a thorough journey from skill level 1 to the newfound pinnacle of 225. Phase 2 will bring challenges as well as opportunities, and reaching Tailoring Skill Level 225 will be a testament to your dedication and skill. Join us and explore the colorful world of fabrics, patterns and intricate stitches to make your journey through this ancient craft both rewarding and exciting.

Tailoring in Season of Discovery Phase 2

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Let’s immerse ourselves in the craft of tailoring and unlock the secrets that Season of Discovery Phase 2 has woven into the weave of World of Warcraft Classic. This comprehensive guide takes you from rank 1 to 225, ensuring a seamless progression through the world of fabrics and stitches.

Foundations of basic Tailoring (1-75)

Begin your tailoring profession by acquiring the essentials. For the initial stretch from rank 1 to 75, gather 100 Linen Cloth, 45 Coarse Thread, 5 Red Dye, and 50 Bolts of Linen Cloth. Follow these steps:

  • Rank 1-50: Craft 50 Bolts of Linen Cloth.
  • Rank 50-60: Fashion Heavy Linen Gloves.
  • Rank 60-65: Create the stylish Red Linen Shirt.
  • Rank 65-75: Conclude with the crafting of Reinforced Linen Cape.

Note: At level 10 and rank 50, visit your tailoring trainer to acquire Journeyman Tailoring for the next segment of the guide.

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Tailoring level (75-150)

The latter part of the guide requires a more substantial investment in materials, particularly Silk Cloth. However, the current abundance of Silk Cloth due to farming in Razorfen Kraul makes it a relatively affordable choice. As you progress from rank 75 to 150, gather the following materials:

Now, dive into the crafting marathon:

  • Rank 75-105: Create Bolts of Woolen Cloth.
  • Rank 105-110: Craft Gray Woolen Shirt.
  • Rank 110-125: Master the craft with Double-Stitched Woolen Shoulders.
  • Rank 125-145: Immerse yourself in the creation of Bolts of Silk Cloth.
  • Rank 145-150: Culminate your journey with the crafting of Azure Silk Hood.

Tailoring Ascendance (150-225):

As you ascend beyond rank 150 in Tailoring, the journey becomes more intricate and the fabrics more enchanting. This section delves into the crafting artistry from skill level 150 to the pinnacle of 225.

Leveling Tailoring 150 – 225

  • Level up to 170 skill with Silk Headband: Begin this stage of your journey by honing your skills with the delicate crafting of Silk Headbands. This elegant accessory not only enhances your Tailoring prowess but also contributes to your overall mastery.
  • Level up to 175 skill with Formal White Shirt: Progress further by fashioning the Formal White Shirt. Elevate your tailoring abilities and demonstrate your craftsmanship with this stylish piece.
  • Level up to 185 skill with Bolt of Mageweave: Dive into the art of Mageweave with a focus on crafting Bolts of Mageweave. This versatile material lays the foundation for more intricate creations. Aim to craft at least 90 Bolts to solidify your expertise.
  • Level up to 205 skill with Crimson Silk Vest: The crafting journey continues with the exquisite Crimson Silk Vest. Immerse yourself in the rich hues of crimson as you advance towards Tailoring mastery.
  • Level up to 215 skill with Crimson Silk Pantaloons: Explore the intricacies of legwear by creating Crimson Silk Pantaloons. This stylish garment adds another layer of complexity to your crafting repertoire.
  • Level up to 220 skill with Orange Mageweave Shirt: Introduce a vibrant touch to your creations with the crafting of the Orange Mageweave Shirt. This step further refines your skills and prepares you for the final ascent.
  • Train Artisan Tailoring: Seek out the expertise of Daryl Stack in Hillsbrad Foothills or Timothy Worthington in Dustwallow Marsh to attain the coveted title of Artisan Tailor. This training marks a significant milestone in your journey.
  • Level up to 225 skill with Black Mageweave Gloves: Cap off your tailoring odyssey with the creation of Black Mageweave Gloves. This intricate piece showcases your mastery and completes your journey to rank 225.

Congratulations! You’ve reached the zenith of Tailoring in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. Let the echoes of the loom resonate as a testament to your dedication and expertise in the enchanting realm of SoD. May your crafted garments and accessories be the envy of adventurers far and wide.

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Why is Tailoring important in Season of Discovery Phase 2?

Tailoring takes the spotlight in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2, offering adventurers a crucial crafting skill to master. From intricate fabrics to enchanting patterns, this guide unravels the secrets of Tailoring, guiding you from skill level 1 to the coveted cap of 225. As challenges and opportunities emerge in Phase 2, achieving this skill cap becomes a testament to your dedication and craftsmanship.

Can Tailoring benefit my character in WoW Classic?

Absolutely! Tailoring is considered an essential profession for many classes. Crafting powerful gear, stylish garments, and accessories contributes not only to your personal journey but also enhances your character’s capabilities. The guide ensures a seamless progression, providing you with the skills to create items that suit your needs and style.

How does the guide help in leveling Tailoring efficiently?

The Tailoring Step-by-step Guide in SoD Phase 2 offers a meticulous journey from rank 1 to 225. It breaks down the leveling process into three main sections: Foundations of basic Tailoring (1-75), Tailoring level (75-150), and Tailoring Ascendance (150-225). Each section provides step-by-step instructions, ensuring efficient and optimized crafting.

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