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WoW Arena Boost: Frostyboost employs some of the best PvP players in the world. We offer services for 2vs2 and 3vs3 Arena PvP. You can take your PvP rating all the way up to 2500 with us via Account Sharing(Pilot) services. We also offer the Gladiator title via product purchase below.

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WoW Shadowlands Arena Boost
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It can take years of practice to become a good player in the wow pvp arena, and in most cases even that effort may not be enough.

Not all players have time to spend in arenas. Others are not attracted to PVP battles at all. However, victories in them give prestigious rewards and access to elite PvP equipment.

In WoW Shadowlands, it isn’t enough to play a lot to achieve a higher rating, you also need good equipment. we recommend that you read the table below for information about the rating and the desired item.


Item Level Selfplay

Item Level Pilot

1600 Any item Any item
1800 200 200
2100 220 215
2400 226

If your item level is not high enough for further boosting in arenas, we can help you increase your item level, for this click here and you will be taken to the desired page.

If you do not have the required legendary item click here, you will be taken to the Torghast & Maw page, where our boosters will take care of your upgrade.

Why buy WoW Arena Boost from us?

There are many reasons why a player cannot achieve the desired result: not enough experience, insufficient level of equipment, no good teammates, and of course the usual laziness, because to achieve high results you also need to put in a lot of effort.

Our service is always one of the lowest priced, considering how much time you would have to spend, for example, obtaining the title of gladiator. Buying a WoW Arena Boost is guaranteed to save you weeks, if not months, of your time at an affordable price.

Also, you get conquest cap and honor together with arena boost, you will gain currency while also improving your rating. If you need a certain amount of conquest or honor, you should go to the necessary pages.

What is the highest arena title?

In the arena the highest title you can get is Gladiator. Obtaining this title refers to legendary achievements and in order to get it, you need to take a position included in 0.5 percent of all players of the ladder and 0.1 percent of Rank1 Gladiator, which will give you the title of titled gladiator forever. Both of these achievements grant you the Unchained Gladiator’s Soul Eater. Players with the title of gladiator and rank 1 are always popular and respected in the gaming community.

How do I get the Vicious Saddle?

Winning 100 ranked games above 1400 will reward you with a unique seasonal PvP mount or, if you already got this mount, an item called Vicious Saddle, which you can exchange for one of the special PvP mounts.

What mounts can I get by exchanging the Vicious Saddle?

Each faction offers its own unique set of mounts, and you can choose what you like best!

Alliance mounts Reins of the Vicious Warsaber, Vicious War Ram, Vicious War Mechanostrider, Vicious War Elekk, Reins of the Vicious War Steed, Vicious War Bear, Vicious War Lion, Vicious War Turtle, Vicious War Fox, Vicious Gilnean Warhorse.
Horde mounts Reins of the Vicious Skeletal Warhorse, Vicious War Raptor, Vicious War Kodo, Vicious Warstrider, Horn of the Vicious War Wolf, Vicious War Bear, Vicious War Scorpion, Vicious War Turtle, Vicious War Fox, Vicious War Trike.

If you want to get a certain mount, but do not know how to do it, then click here, a number of mounts will be presented in the list. Didn’t find what you need? Write to live chat or discord Frostyboost#6417, we will definitely do everything to get you the right mount.

When will I see the gladiator mount in my bag?

To obtain the title of gladiator, you must not only reach the 2400 rating, but also do 50 wins above 2400. Only then can you get the gladiator mount in the mail and after activation it will always be in your mount collection.

Is the same mount given for a gladiator in a season?

No, every new patch brings new updates to the game, mounts are no exception. Each season will have different mounts, in the second season you will receive the Unchained Gladiator’s Soul Eater.

How is the first booster login to my account?

After the booster accepts the order, we give them your username and password. The first entry of the booster is always accompanied by a code to your mail, or an answer to a secret question. 2 potential methods can follow from there:

1) If you do not want to give a security answer but you can be online, we will need a code when you first log into the booster in As soon as the booster receives the code and enters, they will be able to seamlessly fulfill your order. There are times when crashes and it requires re-entering the code in which case the boost may be delayed until you send us a new code.

2) The secret code is the best entry to the system for quick order fulfillment. With this method, your presence is not necessary, you can go about your business and not look into discord. The booster will be able to log into your account at any time without the need to receive a code from your mail.

Don’t worry, providing us with your security answer is completely safe! After completing the boost, you can easily change your secret question in your account.

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