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WoW Shadowlands Leveling

WoW Shadowlands 50-60 Leveling Boost


Leveling up your character in WoW Shadowlands is a tedious task. Questing through the storyline partially levels you up but sooner or later, you will have to kill a lot of monsters to level up. If such a waste of time and effort is not for you, Frostyboost is what you need.
Experienced gamers of the Frostyboost platform will take on this tedious task and give you an already leveled up, powerful hero, ready to go to any dungeon, raid, arena you want.

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Why should you buy leveling ?

Saving time

Leveling from 50 to 60 can take days for the average player. Our boosters can get you to level 60 in just a couple of hours. Lightning fast!


Our protection: From VPN to PC programs ID changes, Frostyboost team has been working in the field of boosting since 2013. During this time, we learned how to fulfill orders without getting banned. Before each execution of orders, we clear the entire cache of the game and start from a fresh install. We do everything necessary, and even more, in order to minimize the chance of getting a ban. Be sure that with our service, you will get the most secure boosting service.


We take care of your account. No one will ever know that you worked with us.


While you can access some of Shadowlands dungeons before reaching level 60, not all of the dungeons in Shadowlands can be played in any other mode than Normal unless your character is level 60.


Shadowlands Raids require you to be level 60. Raids are supposed to be the most difficult and challenging experience in the game. It is logical that your character needs to be top level before accessing them.

Being able to play an alt

After enjoying the game on your main character and class, most players will want to try out a new class. Leveling again up to 60 can be tedious and boring as you feel you have already experienced the Leveling content – this is where FrostyBoost comes in! We will do it for you.


Since players only want to play with the best (which is kind of obnoxious, but a reality nonetheless) it is a lot easier to find people to play with or a guild if you are higher level. Hiring Frostyboost to help you reach level 60 will significantly increase your overall gaming experience.


You need to reach a minimum character level to put on gear and of course the better the gear the higher the required character level. This is also true for mounts and other items. Getting to level 60 quickly can allow you to enjoy the game to its full potential immediately.


This story is about how this site was created.

World of warcraft is a big universe with its own story that everyone will love. The game is catchy with its updates, graphics and the huge scale of people playing it. This is what caught on back in 2004. At first, the game itself and the boost was our hobby, which grew into a love for our work.

At first it was the usual help to his team in the guild, but then it grew into the fact that friends and friends of the teammates’ friends had already turned for help.

The help grew into a boost to a lot of people, which can be counted over 100 people. When a person does his job with high quality, it clings and you want to return to him. Therefore, we have formed our own team of boosters, so that everyone can play for their own pleasure, while having enough gold, the required level, top gear, Rank 14 in PVP, R1, or the Gladiator achievement in the arena.

And so in 2020 we decided to create a website to help beginners and already knowledgeable players to fully appreciate the game World of Warcraft and not need anything in it.

We currently have Blizzcon, R1 and Seasonal Gladiators on our team.

With the anticipation and release of Shadowlands, many players will want to upgrade their lvl and get all the bonuses they need, which is why we are here.


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