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The boosters of our team, who occupy the positions of the best PvP and PvE players, will carry you through the RBG arenas and help you achieve the desired rating there. Become part of the team of the best PvP players!

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WoW Dragonflight RBG Selfplay Boost and reach the desired RBG rating

RBGs are rated battlegrounds similar to the regular PvP arena, but with slightly different objectives and mechanics. Here you have to fight in a team of 10 people and increase your RBG rating in order to get great titles and achievements. It is very difficult and almost impossible to predict and understand what your battle will be like in the RBG arena, and therefore it is one of the most difficult WoW Dragonflight elements. Raising the rating here is also not an easy task. A team of 10 skillful players, mutual understanding between all team members, an intelligent and strong leader, an understanding of the RBG arena and a high level of coordination – all this and much more will be needed for you to succeed here. Finding a team of 10 experienced players is not easy, but we will help you! Here you can order the finest carry services and become a member of the best PvP team. Our top-ranked boosters will help you increase your ranking to the desired level and get great achievements!

Why are we the best?

In our team, only those boosters who will persistently and productively help you achieve the desired rating. Our boosters are experienced PvP players with 2500 rating and the most respected WoW Dragonflight titles. Playing together with them will allow you to achieve your desired goals and you will do it quickly and productively. And the prices for our carry services are available to everyone! Become part of our team, because we always achieve our goals!

How do we work?

  1. Move your chosen Dragonflight boost service to the cart and pay for your order.
  2. Tell our manager at what time you will be ready to start conquering the RBG arena.
  3. We will assemble a team of suitable PvP boosters and you can start the desired selfplay carry service.
  4. Having reached the desired rating, the boost service will be considered completed.


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Character level 70

Active WoW account with Dragonflight expansion

Achieve your goals with our PROs

By purchasing our Dragonflight RBG Selfplay Boost you will get an excellent team of professionals and the rating you want. Do not miss such a great opportunity and achieve what you want with us!

How many players are required for RBG?

It requires 10 players.

How to make the win bring more rating?

To do this, you need your opponent’s rating to be high. Accordingly, your rating should also be high.

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