WoW WotLK Gladiator mount boost
  • ETA: During the arena season
  • Description: Our boosters will be engaged in increasing your rating, fighting with opponents, winning - everything so that you have your own glad mount.
  • Rules: Character level 80; Good gear
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WotLK gladiator mount boost

Frostyboost is here to help you get the WotLK gladiator mount. This mount is very rare and exclusive, because only those players who entered the top 0.5% of their battlegroup at the end of the Arena season can get it. This should be the rating of the entire team. Therefore, if you do not have a team of like-minded people or you still lack the skills or simply the time to get this mount yourself, let our team of the most experienced and professional boosters help you. They will take over this whole laborious process, boost your character's rating, win victories and move towards the most basic goal - to get a gladiator mount for you.


Character level 80

Good gear

How do we provide WotLK gladiator mount boost?

  1. You pay and buy a boost service to achieve a gladiator mount
  2. The manager of our team immediately contacts you and you discuss the details of your order
  3. Then the process of obtaining the desired glad mount begins
  4. Upon reaching the goal, the order will be considered completed, you will receive your mount and will be able to go on a journey on your rare and prestigious glad mount!

Go on new journeys with your rare Gladiator mount!

Don't miss your chance to get such a rare and powerful mount. Buy our WotLK glad Mount Boost at an affordable and cheap price and go on new journeys with this prestigious achievement in WoW Wrath of the Lich King.

How can I get the gladiator mount in WotLK?

Players who entered the top 0.5% of their battlegroup at the end of the Arena season can get the gladiator mount. It is important to note that this should be the rating of the entire team.

What is a gladiator mount?

Mounts are a kind of transportation in which players ride. They have a form of various more or less exotic beasts. But gladiator mounts are epic mounts awarded to top ranking arena teams at the end of an Arena season.

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