WoTLK Furious Gladiator’s Tabard Boost

WoTLK Furious Gladiator’s Tabard Boost
  • Description: The most accomplished gamers who have successfully obtained the 'r1 Gladiator' achievement for both themselves and our clients will boost the required arena rankings for you to receive the venerable and reputable PVP item of the 6th arena Season – Furious Gladiator's Tabard
  • ETA: 3-7 Days
  • Rules: Character level 80; prebis PvP gear for the 6th arena season
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The way of getting Furious Gladiator's Tabard

This tabard is granted as a reward for attending the WotLK 6th Arena Season. To purchase the PvP item, your character must have at least 2300+ arena rating and around 550 arena points. Along with all other Gladiator outfits, that epic 6th arena season tabard is genuinely unique. Therefore, players can only receive one tabard in each pvp arena season. Since the beginning of next season, the furious tabard will no longer be available. Obviously, it takes a lot of effort to get the product that everyone covets.
Indeed, PvP part in WotLK is one of the major and most challenging features of World of Warcraft. Obtaining the WotLK Furious Gladiator's Tabard is a difficult challenge even for highly skilled PvP players, not to mention those who have just started their adventure in WotLK Classic Arena.

Why you should choose FrostyBoost to buy Furious Gladiator's Tabard Boost in WoTLK?

If you do not wish to waste all your free time farming the WotLK classic arena allow our PRO members from FrostyBoost team to handle it. Trust us all the participants of our team have tremendous experience in any PvP activity. So gaining a Furious Gladiator Tabard for you will be easy and fast!

How this boost service works

  1. In case you found this product appealing and decided to order it and get the Furious Gladiator's Tabard, then place a boost in your shopping basket and confirm the purchase request
  2. We will contact you to provide the account login information.
  3. The FrostyBoost team will choose the most relevant boosters for you which will immediately start boosting your rating.
  4. The order will be completed in the shortest amount of time, after that you will be requested to approve and pay a defined sum of currency.


  1. Valid subscription WoW WoTLK Classic
  2. Sharing the information of client’s account
  3. Character level 80
  4. Decent PvP gear

You'll be the player wielding the Furious Gladiator's Tabard

Once you have finally received the Furious Gladiator's Tabard, it's time to proudly possess one of the most remarkable PvP items in the WoW! It is our fervent hope that this game PvP item will delight you and your character. The FrostyBoost team sends their best wishes for your progress and plenty of great achievements in Wrath of the Lich King 6th arena season!

How is it possible to obtain Furious Gladiator’s in the 6th arena season of WoTLK?

You will need wrestle in one of the arena brackets: 2×2, 3×3, 5×5. As a result, you have to score 2300+ arena points. Afterwards, you will be able to obtain the tabard for 550 arena points directly from one of the special PvP merchants.

How long will it require for the FrostyBoost team to begin ordering?

The appointment of a player typically takes 15 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the time of day.

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