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WoTLK Deadly Gladiator Tabard Boost
  • ETA: 2-14 days
  • Description: The most advanced players, who have repeatedly earned the Gladiator achievement for themselves and our clients, will raise the necessary arena rankings for you to receive the well-regarded and esteemed PVP item Deadly Gladiator Tabard. Requirements: Character level 80; efficient gear.
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Buy WotLK Deadly Gladiator Tabard - receive 2300 Arena Boost as bonus

It’s a well-known fact that tabards in WoW are an equipment item. It is only for the cosmetic and visual appeal of the character so it does not enhance the characteristics of your game character in any way. Nevertheless, some tabards are very valuable for the reason that they are extremely hard to receive. This of course applies to PvP arena items especially seasonal gladiator tabards, for which in addition to a huge amount of time you also have to possess a relatively serious level of skills.

Who wouldn’t dream of this item in our beloved and universally admired world of warcraft. This Deadly Gladiator Tabard, which is purchased from three special NPC merchants, will surely improve the visual appearance of your character and make him quite revered not only among the pvp community. Like all other gladiator capes, this epic tabard of the 5th arena season is truly unique. Since players can only get one tabard in each pvp arena period. From the start of next season, this tabard will no longer be available. Certainly a lot of effort is required to get the product everyone desires.

Firstly, the current season's arena rating must be at least 2300

Secondly, your character is required to have 550 arena points in order to buy the item.

The majority of players, however, after facing difficulties at the outset, abandon their dream and leave it behind. This becomes possible through our professional boosters, who will help you raise the appropriate arena rating and finally get the cherished Gladiator item. The experienced team of FrostyBoost ensures you can forever dispense with all the worry and gain the long-awaited cape of the deadly gladiator.

How it works

  1. If you find this product attractive and decide to purchase it and get the Deadly Gladiator Tabard, move the boost to your cart and approve your order;
  2. Our team manager will contact you for asking provide your account login details.
  3. The FrostyBoost team will choose our most qualified boosters for you, which will proceed to boost your ranking without delay.
  4. The order will be fulfilled as soon as possible and then you are required to confirm it and submit a certain amount of currency.

Finally, you have received the Deadly Gladiator Tabard and can now proudly wear one of the most prominent PvP items in the game! We very much hope that this game piece will please your eye. The FrostyBoost team wishes you success and many great achievements in Wrath of the Lich King!


You’ll have to fight in any arena bracket 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 and raise up 2300 arena rating. Next, you will be able to get the tabard for 550 arena points from one of the three PvP merchants.


This boosting service is carried out through the transfer of the client’s account to highly experienced members of the frostyboost team

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