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WotLK 2200 Arena Weapon Boost
  • Description: The most experienced boosters who have succeeded in obtaining the 'r1 Gladiator' achievement, both for themselves and for our customers, will raise the necessary arena rating so that you can obtain the venerable and esteemed PVP weapons of the 6th arena season.
  • Rules: Character level 80; decent Pvp gear for the 6th arena season;
  • ETA: 1-5 days
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Foreword about 2200 arena weapons

Arena matches have always been a popular feature among World of Warcraft players, as it is only there that the true skill of the game unfolds.
After getting an arena rating of around 2200 you can purchase bis PvP weapons, relics etc. for your class from the merchant in Dalaran. These weapons have the highest item level in the current WoTLK Expansion, so if you enjoy the pvp part of the game you should get them in any case.

Why us

  • However, if you don't want to spend all your precious time looking for strong partners in the arena, then contact our FrostyBoost team that has introduced the opportunity to buy a WotLK arena boost from experienced, highly ranked PRO-boosters. By taking advantage of this service, you will rise easily to the top of the rankings and get the best PvP weapons you deserve.

How it works

  1. If you find this product attractive and decide to order 2200 Arena Weapon Boost for finally receiving 252 pvp ilvl weapons, put the order in the shopping cart and validate the purchase order.
  2. We will contact you to provide you with account login information.
  3. The FrostyBoost team will select the most suitable boosters for you which will immediately start boosting your ranking.
  4. The order will be completed in the shortest possible time, after which you will be asked to confirm and pay a certain amount of currency.


  1. Max character level 80
  2. In case you have chosen to boost by account sharing / pilot, please provide your account details
  3. Active subscription WotLK Classic
  4. Decent PvP gear

You will be one of the first to receive 2200 WotLK PvP Arena Weapon

You'll be the player with the best WoTLK Classic PvP weapon. After you have finally reached the 2200 arena rating on your character, it is time to be proud that you are the owner of the strongest PvP weapon in the game. We sincerely hope that this in-game PvP item will make you and your character excited. The FrostyBoost team wishes you success and great achievements in the 6th season of Wrath of the Lich King Arena!

Can I play 2200 arena boost on my personal account?

Of course you can play. But just be aware that it can require a lot more time for getting the coveted PvP 252 ilvl weapon.

How long will it take for the FrostyBoost team to begin ordering?

The appointment of the booster generally takes 15 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the time of day.

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