Tarisland Forest Gemini Boost
  • Description: Buy Tarisland Forest Gemini Boost and unlock victory against the formidable Forest Gemini, the 4th boss in RoC. Secure the coveted gear effortlessly and enjoy a swift, gratifying raid experience. Buy now for a seamless and rewarding adventure with Frostyboost’s professional and secure raid completion service.
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Buy Tarisland Forest Gemini Boost: Elevate Your Gameplay

Experience the impressive gaming advantage with Frostyboost’s Tarisland Boost. Overcome the formidable Forest Gemini raid boss to secure exceptional loot and gear, ensuring your toon achieves unparalleled upgrades.

Why Choose the Forest Gemini Boost?

The Forest Gemini in Tarisland is renowned for its immense health pool and unique abilities, presenting a significant challenge that requires sophisticated combat strategies and numerous attempts. For many players, mastering these tactics and coordinating a raid team can be overwhelming. Frostyboost is here to make your journey smoother with our expert Tarisland Forest Gemini Boost service.

What You'll Receive:

  • Forest Gemini Defeated:
  • Normal: Helmet, Boots, Ring, 100 GS Purple.
  • Elite: Helmet, Boots, Ring, 105, 110, or 113 GS Purple.
  • Epic: Helmet, Boots, Ring, 116, 121, or 124 GS Purple.

Navigating Tarisland’s challenging terrain becomes effortless with our assistance. Leave the hassle of organizing a raid group behind and let us guide you to victory. Our experienced team will ensure you achieve success with ease!

How Forest Gemini Kill Service Works:

  1. We will reach out via live chat or email to discuss your needs.
  2. All specifics will be addressed.
  3. We will match you with a skilled booster who fits your schedule perfectly.
  4. A dedicated Discord chat will be set up for you to communicate with your manager and track the progress of your order.
  5. At the scheduled time, our professional player will assist you through the raid.
  6. Revel in your triumph as you benefit from our Tarisland Forest Gemini carry service.


Character Level 40

Buy Tarisland Forest Gemini Boost today and save yourself essential time. It is a formidable opponent, demanding precise tanking and healing strategies. If you’re pressed for time or need some help, Frostyboost is here for you. Acquire our boost and join us in conquering this unique challenge in Tarisland!

What is included in the Forest Gemini Kill service?

It includes the defeat of the raid boss on the chosen difficulty, along with the corresponding loot and gear such as helmets, boots, and rings with varying Gear Scores.

How do I communicate with the booster during the process?

We will set up a dedicated Discord chat for you to communicate with your manager and booster, allowing you to track progress and ask any questions you may have.

Is my account safe during the process?

Yes, your account’s security is our priority. Our professional players use safe methods to ensure your account remains protected throughout the boosting service.

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