• ESTIMATED TIME: 1-2 Resets
  • Description: Our booster will log on your account and earn 5000 Rank points for the following week. This service is completed through the use of VPN. Rewards: title, PvP trinket, Cloak, 10% discount on repairs from NPCs
  • Rules: Level 60 character, or character close to level 19 / 29 / 39 / 49 / 59 for BGs without being excessively at a disadvantage.
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  • Am I safe with Piloted services?
We are unable to guarantee you total safety. Blizzard is clearly showing attention to account sharing activity. However, if it's not a high honor rank or high leveling service, the risk should be low.
  • Our protection
From VPN to PC programs ID changes, Frostyboost team has been working in the field of boosting since 2013. During this time, we learned how to fulfill orders without getting banned. Before each execution of orders, we clear the entire cache of the game and start from a fresh install. We do everything necessary, and even more, in order to minimize the chance of getting a ban. Be sure that with our service, you will get the most secure boosting service.

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