WoW WotLK Full Heroic Dungeon Gear
  • ETA: Flexible
  • Description: Together with Frostyboost boosters, you will conquer high-rated content and go through the hardest dungeons. We need to do this in order to drop heroic dungeon gear for you. Let your character unleash his full martial potential!
  • Rules: Character level 80; Active WoW WotLK subscription
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Buy WotLK heroic dungeon gear boost and get the gear from the most elaborate dungeon

Take advantage of our offer to buy WotLK heroic dungeon boost service and go through the most difficult dungeons and get WotLK gear boost, armor and other WotLK items of the highest level and the best quality. And sure enough you will go through all this together with the coolest boosters of our big team. Running the heroic dungeon is a challenge for players who have excellent gaming skills (after all, this is a content for the highest level players) and who have an excellent well-geared team. If any of this is not enough for you, feel free to join our Frostyboost team and we will achieve this lofty goal together with you!


Character level 80

Active WoW WotLK subscription

How do we provide heroic dungeon gear boost?

You choose our dungeon boost service and buy it in any way convenient for you.

Immediately after you pay for the selected service, the manager of our team will contact you to confirm the purchase and go over the details.

Our boosters will create a group with other high-ranked players and summon you there.

Together you will complete the dungeons and drop the items and the best heroic gear.

Once all desired items have been received, our work here will be finalized.

Become the proud owner of the most powerful heroic gear

WoW WotLK heroic dungeon gear boost is an amazing opportunity to get the best and the hardest to achieve heroic gear in WoW Wrath of the Lich King. Our top-ranked boosters right away will begin to fulfill your order and will achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time. Buy heroic dungeon boost and become the proud owner of the strongest and most powerful heroic gear for your toon.

Can I go through the heroic dungeon by myself?

If you have a whole group of skillful players, with high level gear, then yes. But this rarely happens, and therefore WoW WotLK heroic dungeon boost with PRO boosters is a special opportunity to get what you want if you simply do not have a team or do not have enough ilvl gear.

How many dungeons can be completed per day?

You can complete up to 15 Heroic dungeons per day

Why do you need to complete dungeons?

It is the fastest way to gear up your character. Also you can get rare mounts, armors, the best gear and a lot of reputation.

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