Dragonflight Temple of the Jade Serpent Boost

WoW Dragonflight Temple of the Jade Serpent Boost
  • Description: By purchasing this carry service, you will ensure that you complete the Temple of the Jade Serpent dungeon and get powerful gear for your character. Together with a team of our boosters, you will run the dungeon, defeat all the bosses and get great rewards.
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Buy WoW Dragonflight Temple of the Jade Serpent Boost and provide yourself with a high-level gear

The Dragonflight season has an amazing opportunity to complete the Temple of the Jade Serpent dungeon, known to many since the Pandaria season. At one time, this dungeon was considered one of the finest and most memorable. It's great that even now we can plunge into this atmosphere and run this dungeon again. Here, players will encounter four bosses. And, as usual, to fight each of the bosses will require special skills and a certain strategy. The boosters of our team know all the tips and can confidently complete this dungeon in Mythic+ difficulty of any level. When completing this Mythic+ dungeon with our boosters, you are guaranteed to get the opportunity to get 372-405 ilvl gear and loot as many cool items as possible. With us, your journey will be eventful and rich in valuable items!


Character level 70

WoW account with Dragonflight expansion

How it works

  1. To purchase this carry service, place it in your cart and pay for it.
  2. You will receive a message from our team soon. If you have chosen a piloted boost, you will need to provide a password and login. If you have chosen selfplay,
  3. let's decide at what time our journey will begin.
  4. Carry service will start at the agreed time.
  5. As soon as the dungeon is fully cleared and we get the coveted gear for you, the service will be completed.

If you want to be sure that you will achieve the result you expect, then write to us. Only by passing this dungeon together with the unsurpassed boosters of our team will you pass the desired dungeon quickly and excitingly. And most importantly, you’ll get marvelous gear and power up your character for a successful Dragonflight Mythic+ season!

What boost method is available?

In this category of services, both the selfplay method and the pilot are available. Choose what will be the most suitable and interesting for you.

Where can I find the Temple of the Jade Serpent dungeon?

The dungeon is located in The Jade Forest. Here are the coordinates 56, 58.

How many bosses are there?

Here players have to fight with four bosses.

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