Dragonflight Tailoring Profession Boost
  • ETA: 1-2 days
  • Description: Let a consummate booster of our team quickly level up your desired Tailoring Skill so you will be able to craft amazing and useful cloth items.
  • Rules: The maximum character level in the WoW expansion in which you want to level the Tailoring Skill; Active WoW account with chosen expansion; Account sharing
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WoW Tailoring Profession Boost and craft your own cloth items

Tailoring Skill will allow you to create armor for yourself. Thanks to this skill, you can create light armor, the so-called cloth sets. It can be of regular quality, but you can also craft rare and even epic cloth sets! In addition to clothing, a character with Tailoring Skill will be able to craft bags, healing bandages and many other useful Tailoring items. But for all this you will need the maximum level of Tailoring Skill and a lot of recipes. Doing all this is not the most pleasant task, it's good that you are here and can get the help of professional boosters who will quickly and easily achieve your desired goal!

Why are we number one

We are ready to provide you with fast boost results. We do not cancel or delay orders and we always provide you with the results as soon as possible.

The boost services of our team are always performed with high quality. Our boosters are reliable and professional players who always reach their goal.

Our prices are affordable and low despite the fact that we provide only high quality boost services.

We ensure the security of our customers' accounts. We always use the VPN of your country. The risk of getting banned is always minimal.

Thanks to our live chat you can always ask questions about the progress of your order and any other questions you may have. We will gladly help you and support you!

How do we work

  1. If you want to get Tailoring Skill for your character, select this service, move it to the cart and pay for your order.
  2. Please share your login and password to enter your account.
  3. We will find a suitable booster and he will start fulfilling your order.
  4. As soon as the skill is fully mastered, we will notify you, we will return your account to you and you can continue your game.


The maximum character level in the WoW expansion in which you want to level the Tailoring Skill

Active WoW account with chosen expansion

Account sharing

Ease your WoW game

Discover many new opportunities for yourself and your character, and we will help you with this! We will quickly and efficiently level up your Tailoring Profession, and you will create the best cloth sets in all of Azeroth!

What is the duration of Tailoring Boost?

The boost will last about eight to twelve hours.

What is Tailoring for in WoW?

Your character, who has mastered this skill, will be able to craft bags, shirts, armor and many other items from cloth!

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